The Diary Game:19/09/20

Assalamu Alaikum
How are you all
Hope everybody is healthy and well
I am much better by the grace of Allah
Welcome to the 44th day of the Diary Game.

I am going to discrimination in front of you my daily diary today:

morning 10 a.m.

I slept around three last night. And if you go to bed at three o'clock, it is usually too late to get up in the morning. I woke up around ten in the morning. I woke up and went to the washroom. Then I made the bed. This time I brushed my teeth. After that I ate breakfast. There were noodles for breakfast.

noon sky


I like to eat noodles. After eating, I went to the terminal to fetch the cement. Still working at home today. Then I came home. When I got home, my mother sent me to the shop to fetch the broom again. I brought the broom and gave it to my mother.

breakfast , noodles


Then I entered the Steem account. There I was watching the contests of different countries. And that's what makes me want to participate. I decided to take part in a cooking contest today. Then I got ready after watching everything in the contest. I commented on many posts of diary games. Then at 2 o'clock I had lunch. Then I went to my friend. I came home from there for about an hour. Then in the afternoon I was playing cricket. I came home after playing cricket.

made by me,bread tost



After entering the house and cleaning my hands and feet, I entered the room. Then I started cooking for the contest. I made bread toast for the contest. Then when it was finished I started writing on my mobile to post it. Then when the posting was over I ran Messenger. After a while I was having dinner. After dinner I ran Messenger. I talked to a lot of friends on Messenger. Today is my daily diary.
Thanks everyone

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the sky seems very beautiful. Try to void this kind of breakfast. There is so much oil. Its not good for health.



20.09.2020 12:34

Thanks for your comment.

20.09.2020 12:44

Your photos are very good. It would add more value to your posts if you can include more location information on the photo captions. For example rather than just saying 'noon sky' say where it is. #diarydoctor #bangladesh #affable

20.09.2020 15:54

Thanks for your information.

20.09.2020 16:32

You made a very nice post. But you can further enhance the beauty of your post if you want. You will try to give full details to the pictures in your post, especially using the plus code.

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diarydoctor #bangladesh #affable

21.09.2020 07:11

Thank you for your information.

21.09.2020 07:45

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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