The Diary Game-13/11/20

Assalamualaikum friends
How are you all
I'm much better.
Welcome to Season 3 of Diary Games.
Today has been a busy day.
I woke up at half past seven in the morning. Then I went to the washroom to freshen up then I had breakfast in the morning.

night tournament


Having breakfast I went to the market to go shopping. Razakar came, I came home and used my mobile. At ten o'clock in the morning my friend called me to play. Then I went to play on the field. When we went to the field and the game started, we decided to win and field. Then the game started to increase and we won the match.

before match


Then I came home and took a bath. After taking a bath I went to pray after Punjabi. After praying, I ate lunch. After eating, I got ready and went to play cricket at Dangarhat. I had a little trouble there. We had 2 matches in the tournament today. We lost the match because of the batsmen. Then I came home and entered the room after washing my hands and feet. This time I entered and had a light breakfast. Then I set off to play the One Night Tournament.

winning moment



Daglaganj We played that night tournament. We became champions there. We were eating cheetah cake during the break of the match. I ate onions.



Then we ate big pickles. We had toast and tea after the semifinal match. Our game ended at three o'clock at night. We were playing at the house of an older brother. We went there to wash our hands and feet and go to sleep. The day went very well. This was my daily diary today.
Thanks everyone

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Congratulations. খাশি নাকি না ফির বখরি দিছে 😄। ছাগলের সাথের লোকটারও ছবিটি ভালো করে তুলতা

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Khasi e kinto choto...
Onno ekjn picture tulce..

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