The Diary Game-11/10/20 -A sad day

Assalamu Alaikum,

My name is Nadim Mahmud Litu from #Bangladesh.
I hope you are all healthy and well. I am also much better by the grace of God. The diary has not been posted in the game for a long time.

I am starting today's daily diary in front of you:


Like every day today I woke up at 9:30. I woke up and brushed my teeth. Then I went to the washroom. Coming from the wash room I ate breakfast.



After breakfast, I went to the market with my brother to withdraw money from Dutch Bangla Bank. Then the brother withdrew the money and transferred it.



Then a friend of mine came to visit. My brother and I went to have breakfast at the hotel. I had breakfast and discussed many issues with him. After breakfast we went home.

Coming home I went to the market again to buy a SIM. I came home because the SIM shop was closed. I came home and had lunch.


Seeing who would go to her father-in-law's house today, she cooked beef, chicken, polao, small fish fry and salat for her. We all had lunch together. Then at 4 o'clock Apu left for her father-in-law's house.



I had a good two days. But today my sister left and my mind got very bad. After going to Apura I went to play cricket on the field. After playing cricket, I came home in the evening. I came home and took a bath because it was very hot. It felt a lot better after taking a bath.

cucumber salad



Then I came home and ran Messenger. I was checking various notifications on Facebook. Then at ten o'clock at night I ate dinner and went to bed. Then I started writing posts. I fell asleep after posting. This was my daily diary today.
Thanks everyone

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