The Diary Game-05/12/2020 double champion 🏆

Assalamu Alaikum friends.
How are you
Hope everybody is healthy and well. I'm much better.

Starting my daily diary today:

8 a.m


Today I woke up around 8 in the morning. Then I went to the washroom as usual.

boot-bundiya(PX92+89 Gopinathpur)


Then I brushed my teeth. Then I packed my bags and left for private reading. It only takes 5 minutes from my home to go private with my bike. Then I went to private and studied privately. After finishing private reading, I came home.

van driver(PX92+89 Gopinathpur)


When I got home, I had breakfast in the morning. After breakfast I was getting ready to go play. Today we went to play that circle. The game was in Khajepur village(baladanga). The location code of these places is not available. Therefore, there is a little problem to use the code in the picture. The surrounding code is to be used.


We played the first match against a local team there. In the first match we gave a target of 54 runs in 6 overs. After winning first, we ate and drank. We went to a hotel and ate boot-bundia. Then we reached the semifinals to win the match.I took a picture of the plane going by the side of the field.

airplane picture(PX92+89 Gopinathpur)


I took a picture of a flower on the ground. We took a picture of the boy who carried the fan. The boy is very young. Then we played the final and became the champion there. Went there from ten to six. This time I came home and washed my hands and feet and ate rice.


After eating and drinking and resting for a while, I went to Ambari one night to play a nine-a-side cricket tournament. Our first match started there at around ten o'clock at night. We then played the semifinal match after winning the first match at around two in the morning.


In the middle we went to the hotel for jilapi food. We had tea. Then I played the semifinals again. Great win with Dinajpur team in the semi-final match, we reached the final. Then we played the final match. In the final match we won the match and became the champions. This was my daily diary today.
Thanks everyone


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অত্যন্ত সুন্দর একটি পোস্ট করেছেন ভাই। বিমানের ছবিটা খুব সুন্দর হইছে। ছোলা বুন্দি দেখে রোজার দিনের কথা মনে পড়লো।

06.12.2020 11:33

Zazakallaho khairan 🥰 vai

06.12.2020 13:01

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06.12.2020 12:29

Bundiya champion 🙄

06.12.2020 12:48

Ota khawaice emni..

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06.12.2020 13:11

বুন্দিয়া সৈয়দপুর আসি খাওয়ায় হয় না রমজান মাস ছাড়া। আমার পছন্দের একটি খাবার বুন্দিয়া

06.12.2020 13:14

Amaro vlo lage
Khelte gelei khai
Akhn jilapi beshi khai

06.12.2020 14:30