SteemFoods Contest -9-| Promote Your Favorite Meat Shop | Biggest Awards Ever!

Assalamualaikum friends.
My name is Md. Nadeem Mahmud Litu. I live in Parbatipur thana in Dinajpur district of Rangpur division of Bangladesh.

outside view


I am very happy to be able to participate in the Steam Food Contest. Today I will discuss my favorite meat shop.

domestic hen


My favorite meat shop is one kilometer away from my house. It only takes me 5 minutes to cycle to this store. The store is located near the terminal. The shop is located on the side of the road.

golden hen


Why I like this meat shop:

I have been buying meat from this shop for about 8 years. The shopkeepers of this shop use it very well.

inside view



He gives me a lot of good quality chicken. And gains very little from me. Domestic chickens and golden chickens are available here.

selfie with shopkeeper



The price of domestic chicken is 350 taka per kg and the price of golden chicken is 200 taka per kg. Most of the time we buy this golden chicken from this shop.

me with hen


I come to this shop two or three times a week to buy chickens.



here memos are not given here. The shopkeeper writes his name in his notebook. I took a picture from there and showed it.

The highest price is for domestic chicken meat. I bought 2 kg of chicken for this contest. The price of 2 kg chicken is four hundred taka. Then I took pictures with the chickens. I took a picture with the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper was taking a selfie with me with great interest. Then I came home with the chicken.

Thanks everyone



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