Diary Game-06/11/20

Assalamualaikum friends.
How are you all?
By the grace of Allah I am much better. Starting today my daily diary:
I was very busy today like every day. I woke up in the morning and brushed my teeth and then I went with him. This time I had breakfast. At the end of breakfast I was running Messenger with my mobile. Then I took the trousers outside. I sell trousers and jerseys online.



That's why I went to give her. This time I came home again. I'm at home, I took a bath. After taking a bath, I got well. There was a party in one place at noon and I went there for lunch. It was a bit far from home. One uncle's son was Akika. Here we went with our family to have a feast. We had lunch. Today is Friday but I know to pray in the mosque because I got on my knees. Meanwhile, I could not go to pray because of the feeling. After eating and drinking at noon, I was at rest. Then I went to play at three. At the end of the game I came home. We had a lot of fun playing two matches there. Now I came home. When I got home, I was out again. When I got home I went to give one more jersey to someone.

paying cricket


From there I moved home. I came home and cleaned my hands and feet. Then I had some breakfast in the evening. Then I watched the IPL game on TV. I had a lot of fun watching the IPL game. I watched the IPL game from start to finish. I fell asleep after finishing the IPL game. This was my daily diary today.
Thanks everyone

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