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Assalamu Alaikum,

Yesterday I went to play and saw some cut trees. I really wanted to take the trees. I thought I would bring the trees home at the end of the game.



That thought is work. After the game I bought six or seven trees and came home. Then I came home and planted the trees in the tub. There were many thorns in the hand while planting the trees due to the large cuts on the trees.

planting trees


I dug a hole with an iron rod and planted the trees. The trees look so good. These trees are used by people as leaves.

when finished planting trees


More like this I have thought of planting many types of cut trees. When it catches my eye outside, I will buy it and bring it home.
Thanks all

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It is not easy to transplant captus by the spikes, I think it is excellent that you propose that goal of planting all the plants and trees you can, thank you for acting in a positive way for our planet.

I have selected your post for my second report as a #betterlife curator.

twopercent #venezuela

09.10.2020 10:07

Thank you so much..

09.10.2020 11:07