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Hi, everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Nadiaturrina. You can call me Nadia, Rika, and Salsa. If you see the name written on my account Yasmina Salsabila, it is my pen name. My pseudonym as a writer. How about you guys? Do you guys have the author's name too? I have been interested in the world of writing since childhood. I used to like fairy tales that my grandmother told me. Grandma told me to write down what I had remembered.


I just finished my undergraduate education at one of the top universities in Bireuen City. For now, I dedicate myself 100% to Steemit. I do not work in other agencies. From day to day, I learn and continue to learn from other Steemian. I learned a lot from the founder of this community. Thanks, @papi.mati, indirectly you have motivated me to be an active and creative Steemian.

I am a woman. I like travelers everywhere. But sometimes due to time and economic constraints, I prefer to stay at home while creating content on Steemit rather than traveling out of town. In Indonesia, especially in Aceh, women are not as free to come here as in Europe. We rarely travel alone. We travel more often with family or close friends. It has become the identity of Asian women.


I travel a lot with my family and friends. In this post, I want to show also some of the places I visited this year. Last September, I traveled to an island that is very much visited by foreign tourists, namely Pulau Weh, Sabang. Maybe some of you have visited this island.
I've visited the island of Sabang dozens of times.


Sabang Island is a shadow of heaven on earth. You will never get tired of traveling this island. The beach destinations are very self-indulgent to continue to remain silent on this island. If you go to Sabang, Iboih Island is the place you must visit. You can see, touch, and hug the fish for real. I used a tour guide when snorkeling there.


In the same year, 2021, I also visited the cold city, Takengon. Here is not much different from in Sabang. You will see a wide view of the lake with a beautiful natural panorama. Takengon is a city located in Central Aceh. The atmosphere is cold. And before there were thick blankets like today, the locals used burlap sacks to warm themselves while sleeping. That's how cold it is.


Maybe this is just my brief introduction to this great community. I will help this community as much as I can. The way that I can do this is by actively posting, giving positive voices and comments to fellow followers of the Steem traveler community, and giving some of the Steem power that I have.

Greetings of love from women who enjoy panoramic views of natural beauty,

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Selamat datng di komunitas Steem Travelers. Senang melihat Anda di sini !

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20.11.2021 12:37

Terima kasih atas sambutannya
Kedepannya saya akan mengatur sebahagian payout untuk membangun komunitas ini

20.11.2021 12:51

Have a Happy #club75 Day πŸ˜€

20.11.2021 22:32

Thanks for the congratulations and the support, @steemcurator01. I will use this extraordinary votes to power up 100%. Next week, I already have about 7,500 Sp. I will continue to increase my SP so that I can get the double dolphin level by the end of this december, 2021.

21.11.2021 00:08

It's worrisome that a woman won't be allowed to travel freely I hope this policy changes


21.11.2021 04:22

Peace be upon you dear sister The content was good and beautiful

21.11.2021 11:08

Hi @nadiaturrina, I enjoyed reading through your introductory post. You are welcome in steem-travelers community. We need you and we want to enjoy reading more of your post.

I will help this community as much as I can. The way that I can do this is by actively posting, giving positive voices and comments to fellow followers of the Steem traveler community, and giving some of the Steem power that I have.

We will really appreciate thisπŸ–•
Thank you!


22.11.2021 08:29

Welcome friends, your introductory post, it's very beautiful in your photo section the scenery is very beautiful, I'm very tempted, because the weather is very friendly, photos of your boat ride, very relaxed walking takes you, success always for you. @nadiaturrina.

22.11.2021 08:31

Thanks for greeting me, @marcojon

22.11.2021 13:52

Luar biasa.
Sangat indah pulau sabang

22.11.2021 17:59

Felicidades, eres una mujer guerrera, muy hermosa las imΓ‘genes. A mi me gusta mucho viajar pero ahorita por la pandemia estoy muy limitado.
Γ‰xito y bendiciones.


22.11.2021 18:20

Thanks for visiting my post @eddyt
I like travel to the new and tranding place. I like beach so muchβ›±

23.11.2021 11:30

I have visit your post
Oh ya, for the information, you can not use the tag club5050 if you are not eligible for it

23.11.2021 23:23

Apu I am new I have done something wrong.

24.11.2021 00:54

MasyaAllah, liburan yang sangat menyenangkan ya kakak syantikπŸ˜…πŸ€— salam

25.11.2021 14:42

Salam kakak

25.11.2021 15:29

Sudah lama tidak menyapa si kakak cantik ini @nadiaturrina, apa kabar? Boleh berbagi no whatsappπŸ˜€ ini no sy ya 085260903992

25.11.2021 15:40