Positive vibes

All the scary numbers, the grafics, the stories, the horror scenario's and the view of empty supermarkets we created ourselves let's take a moment.

To stand still while we have to and use this as an opportunity.
And opportunity to focus on our inner selfs!
And see what there is to gain and leaen from this situation.
In every situation there are different possible reaction and let's focus on what we can do to keep or start growing in this time of silence en lock downs.


I know there are lots of sick people, even deaths, more to come, but in the end what differences does it make if we stand still in our development. What if we do survive this and we lost this time on being frozen by panic.
Would it makes the situation any better?
Will it make you fulfill your potential?
Develop, educate yourself, excersize, eat healthy, make sure you will be at good condition when we are reading to get back at life.
Make this time worthfull, help your loved on. Explore your potential.

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