The Diary Game Season 3 Unending Season: 06/05/2021


I want appreciate you all my brothers and sisters of the Steem platform and universe for supporting me in the celebration of my dad’s birthday. Will be bring to you all today another session of the diary unending season 3 of the diary game.


It was at 7am I woke up I prayed today Thursday 6th of May. I listen to some soul touching songs from my very best gospel artist Frank Edwards then I entered the kitchen and clean up the few dirty plates afterwards, I did some cleaning of the dirty shoes and arranged up the house. I did all this that early because the containers had arrived and that day we had to do the offloading if possible for both of them cus it’s not an easy something to do. I left the house at 8:30am in the morning had to go and receive some some people who had some stuffs in the container go when I got the Kang(magazine) where we offload, it was lock wish we all know cus it was Thursday and that’s the normal routine of the magazine it is reserved as a clean up day and places get to open as from 10:30am every Thursdays. All that morning it was raining 🌧 and as I got to the Kang, I met up with a few persons and I called Rene the guy am working with and he was around and in less than 15minutes he came met me. We called the drivers of the trailers and made sure they where around should it opens and we are to go in. So we took this opportunity to eat while waiting. So we just went to a nearby restaurant and ate a good pepper soup.

As we entered the Kang at about 10am, we noticed they just began offloading a container beside the store were we were to offload so we had to wait until they get finish so we just sat discussed with the magazine controller at the store were they were offloading cus the trailers was blocking the entrance to the store we had to park in and at 1:30pm they had finished, we controlled the trailer carrying our container. So when it was parked in and the store set we offloaded

After the offloading, had so much work to do the arrangement of the things and it was late when we ended so I took some few pictures with the people I was working with and we closed late

On my way home I got a call from my friend to meet him at their bar so I went there and with another friend and it a great evening

I left there at 11:45pm to the house took a bath wore my pajamas and went to bed.

Thanks for reading

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14.05.2021 08:05

A busy day it was indeed! I'm happy at last the container landed and the goods you collected. Courage bro.

affable #cameroon

16.05.2021 21:49