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A fiction of the future

(A nonsense story)

"I decided to order a Pizza, after a fairly busy day, trying to earn some crypto to maintain a standard of living according to the overwhelmed technology. I worked on the design of a new type of semiconductor, highly versatile for IoT devices, controlled from the cloud."

I set out to try, my new touch screen with AI-assisted 3D sensor, which was my most recent creation and with it I could do virtually anything.

In a matter of minutes, a drone with the order, perched on the outskirts of the garden... Suspended in the air he handed me a large pizza and some drinks, while I made the payment with the cryptocurrency of my preference. Of course, I paid with STEEM Token! using the innovative virtual asset protection system, which connected to my wallet through an eye retina reader.

I did not want to leave home that afternoon! Although, mobilizing in these times was much easier, thanks to the novelty of autonomous vehicles. The AI ​​had launched the new generation of flying cars, which saved a lot of time in city traffic.

Unfortunately, because I suffer from "vertigo", the fact of being detached from the ground did not sit well at all, so I always resorted to some delivery service handled by drones for my commissions. He was allowed to fly at a maximum height of 82 meters, I would never resist it!

This norm had been designed in order to avoid contact with the power line and the elevated structures near the highway. The flying vehicles had to line up on the special channel, located on one side of the Bikeway, both ascent and descent were only allowed vertically.

Staying at home was my greatest pleasure!

Everything was completely systematized, from the refrigerator to the bedroom. I no longer had to make virtually any effort! Because smart devices were responsible for predicting my needs.

Thus, I enjoyed my pizza, lying on the recliner, connected online with the Big Data of the attending physician who treated my cervical problem, adjusting to an angle of 61 degrees (61º), according to the indications.

At that precise moment, the bathtub sensor warmed the water according to the climatic conditions, associating them thoroughly with my body temperature... I took a bath! and now he intended to rest.

Then I activated the night surveillance sensors, the predictive fire detectors with my touch screen, ordered the robot dogs to remain in their sentry positions, security was easy when you had access to the IoT.

In the same way, I activated the hibernation dome capable of activating alarms in case of imminent danger associated with the proximity of tornadoes, seismic movements or Tsunamis. Issuing an instant signal to rescue agencies with a margin of a few minutes, in which it was possible to save lives.

About to save the 3D sensor, I finally programmed the final instructions for the rest of the night...

Connected to the cloud, my new versatile semiconductor downloaded my dreams into a memory bank, so that they were analyzed by an online psychologist, which evolved thanks to machine learning technology. Being able to reorganize my mind by deleting unnecessary information and optimizing my mind's ability to store new knowledge the next day...

Thus, another day passes between AI and IoT, in a fiction of the future.




Thanks for your kind attention, @nachomolina venezuela

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Hello @nachomolina, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

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