Canvas and Pastel | Original Poetry | Written by @nachomolina

Author: @nachomolina, Canvas and Pastel

Canvas and Pastel

Orinoco`s nodriza,
suspended in the
sunset fire

Effigy, oil uniform
violet to the wind,
orchid, among streams

It was a whirlwind of colors,
the mind of the creator
surreal, ambiguous...

Like the canvas
white, behind you,
first muse inspiration

of nostalgia,
they made my hand shake

Multicolored blur
gave light to fear,
uncertain of an artist before his work

Stop the sun on your eyelid
the perfect time,
you will be brushprint...

You, the color, wave of thought,
two immortals,
between canvas and pastel



[Photo: Author's property, family file]

[Photo: Author's property, family file]

[Photo: Author's property, family file]

Dedicated to the plastic artist: Luisamelia Guerra, author of the work shown above, "Orinoco's Nodriza", the inspiration for this poem.



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