The silly hare



Once upon a time there was a hare who one day a monkey brought him two carrots, one small and one large, and told him to choose one of them that he would give it to him.
This one chose the small one and the monkey said:
-How stupid you are, why didn't you choose the big one?
This kept silent while the monkey took care of watering the fact, saying that this hare was the dumbest animal in the whole forest
The animals wanting to check this began to offer him carrots in the same way as the monkey and he always chose the smallest one.
The animals laughed at her and told others about it.
A squirrel who looked at what happened and felt compassion for the hare that was on everyone's lips, came up to her and said:
-Everyone laughs at you because you choose the smallest carrot, they say you're stupid, you should choose the big one.
The hare said:
-If I choose the big one they will stop offering me carrots and I love that they do it, because this avoids me having to look for food because every day a lot of animals come to bring me carrots, with the story of laughing at me, I please them and I get what I want, at the end I have a lot of carrots accumulated.

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