Poolz makes decentralized fundraising an equal access opportunity.

We are about to enter the fourth quarter of 2020 as crypto investors prepare for the journey ahead. Trends in history make it clear that Q4 is where all the magic happens. If we look from a long-term perspective, we will see a number of breakout developments that will shape the growth of the cryptocurrency market in 2021.


More importantly, the Corona pandemic virus has brought about some architectural changes in the global economy and the importance of Bitcoin is received like never before. Perhaps at the present time many people will realize the value of this market.

Although the market is becoming more competitive and value-driven, early stage innovators are facing unprecedented challenges due to these rapid changes. Facilitate higher and safer profits through liquidity mining. Before listing, they must look for liquidity investments for their tokens. That’s how Poolz is evolving and now join me in exploring the details of Poolz.



From a source from Poolz, cryptocurrency innovators are looking for decentralized fundraising, to combat censorship, has the appearance of Initial DeFi Offer (IDO) and Initial Liquidity Offer(ILO). With the rise of Automatic Market Makers (AMMs), the liquidity of the token has become an important determinant of its market price. Poolz is a decentralized, layer 3 swap protocol that allows startups to manage liquidity auctions, thus bringing them closer to early-stage investors and liquidity miners.

Poolz’s solution begins with Ethereum, which is where Poolz embarked on a mission to completely disrupt and decentralize liquidity auctions. Poolz with a vision to facilitate greater interoperability through cross-chain interactions, thus, will further enhance the DeFi adoption and value. For ecosystems Poolz will have one refers to a Project Owners or Pool Creators, while Investors or Liquidity Providers (LP) comprise the other.

About Poolz


Poolz is the project I’m talking about, you’ve probably seen this project somewhere. But through this post I want to deliver quality content about Poolz.
‘ Layer-3 for swapping protocol financial auctions and OTC Markets designed uniquely for the Blockchain ecosystem. ’
Community moves closer to absolute decentralization, Poolz empowers innovators in the pre-listing phase, bringing them closer to early stage investors. Investors can leverage the Poolz platform to explore promising and disruptive projects with high potential value. Here we will see a platform that provides a secure and intuitive way for investors to reap significant, long-term returns from the asset.


Here are the most specific use cases of products from Poolz:
Liquidity Bootstrapping: Innovators can leverage the Poolz platform to launch token auctions, thus generating liquidity for their DEX listing. Although the platform is the most relevant for early-stage projects, it can be similarly used by any blockchain-based project.

OTC Trading: Strengthening widespread DeFi adoption, the Poolz platform can also be used as a marketplace for wide-ranging crypto OTC trading.

Yield Generation: Investors can participate in auctions hosted on the Poolz platform, thus generating passive yield from their ETH and DAI holdings by providing liquidity to auctioning projects.

Non-Fungible Token Bid Auction: NFT-based projects can launch dynamic ratio auctions on the Poolz platform, thus diversifying the options for liquidity providers.

Clearly defining who uses the day from the beginning will help Poolz define its goals and focus on developing the next product. I also think that Poolz will get strong support from users because we are in desperate need of a product that Poolz is aiming for.

Poolz also gives users very useful features:


Customizable pool options ensuring relevance for wide-ranging blockchain-based projects and use cases, alongside multi-chain integrations and support. Poolz is built with the long-term aim of enabling a unified interface with cross-chain interactions and other functionalities.

A fully decentralized, non-custodial, and trustless ecosystem with robust, Solidity-based smart contracts.
An interactive, intuitive, and responsive UI, coded in React for a smooth and seamless user experience. Moreover, Poolz integrates Web3 libraries to access continuous feedback from on-chain data, thus implementing necessary UI upgrades for optimum consistency.

Unit testing of smart contracts and network code using Ganache, ensuring optimal bug-resistance and security.
Continual and multi-level incentivization mechanisms, facilitating recurrent gains for investors, liquidity providers, and yield farmers.

Due to Poolz’s optimized network and contract architecture, innovators require substantially lesser gas fee for registering their pools, as compared to existing market standards

POZ is the ecosystem’s native ERC-20 token and will be used for incentivization, governance, project development, and token burns. As for investors and liquidity providers, the POZ token’s ownership makes them eligible for a range of use-cases.

Token Price:


Total Supply: 5,000,000 POZ
Token Allocation & Circulation


Q3 2020: Kick-starting Poolz
Platform, smart contract, and network development.
Seed sale completed.
Testnet Launched — built with Truffle and written in .NET core, for optimum security and stability.
Code published on GitHub

Q4 2020: Launching the MVP
Pre-listing POZ sale (liquidity auctions).
DEX listing.
First pool creation on Poolz platform.
Fixed token swaps.

Q1 2021: Accelerating Poolz
Cross-chain swap integration.
ERC721 (Non-Fungible Token) integration — NFT auction.
Integrations enabling Yield Project owners to bootstrap pre-listing liquidity.
Governance Launch & POZ Staking
Stablecoin Swap integration.
Implementing Bid Auction functionality.

Q3-Q4 2021: The Poolz DAO
Launching Poolz v.3 — A fully-functional DAO.


OMS Capital:
OMS Capital is an investment firm specializing on technology in emerging cryptocurrencies. They invest in early stage blockchain startups and decentralized protocols.

Market Across:
They provide a complete end-to-end marketing solution for blockchain firms. They guarantee results, by using blockchain storytelling to execute success-based full-stack marketing and growth campaigns.

The future isn’t always clear, but it’s undeniable that cryptocurrencies will play a big role in it. The growth seen in cryptocurrencies is so exponentially so much that it cannot be ignored.
Through Poolz I think we are moving towards a completely decentralized community. When in any area Blockchain is showing its reach. I think with the idea that Poolz is implementing, I think it will have a lot of usage.

Media Socical:
Website: https://poolzdefi.com/
Medium: https://medium.com/@Poolz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Poolz__
Telegram: https://t.me/PoolzOfficialCommunity
Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/Poolz_Announcements
Github: https://github.com/PoolzAdmin/Poolz

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