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In today's point-of-sale age, points can not only be used for mere purchases but are also exploited in a number of other areas of our daily lives. Includes usage purposes, but is not limited to the payment of national taxes, transport card top-ups and penalties. In today's post, we present to you a new protocol that is ASSEMBLE Protocol.

Here, we will try to illustrate some specific ways to get the best out of you.

So what is the ASSEMBLE Protocol?
ASSEMBLE Protocol is a blockchain global point integration platform based on ASM utility token mining, while building a business ecosystem that can integrate, use, and monetize existing points and miles to Point providers, consumers and retailers. ASSEMBLE Protocol offers users the unrestricted opportunity to use their points, similar to when they use cash, anywhere in the world without any time or geographic constraints. point. And to give points providers and ASSEMBLE partners more opportunities to further expand their business and reach a rich user base.

Use scores in ASSEMBLE Protocol
Token Transfer: Cannot transfer existing points due to technical and policy issues. Digital assets are easily transferable to anyone in the assembly platform. Existing sites are usually only allowed to be transferred between families, and the process is complicated. In the assembly platform, if you only know the address information of someone else's assembly wallet, you can easily transfer it using the assembly wallet.

Commodity trading: Anyone can become a buyer or seller of goods in the assembly platform. The most important thing in P2P transactions is trustworthiness among peers. Individual users and affiliates of the aggregator acquire merchant qualifications in the pool by wagering more than a certain amount of tokens. The assembly allows for individual and individual transactions on the market and expands the scope of point usage, unlike the existing pointer users.

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Main feature
Point integration: ASSEMBLE offers the ability to redeem different points for a single token. Various points can be aggregated and converted to cash through a simple procedure.

Use points: ASSEMBLE offers consumers additional uses. You can freely transfer points and exchange goods.

Advertising: The data infrastructure built on the ASSEMBLE platform. Consumer data is accumulated in the database, and advertisers can use that data to effectively execute their ads.

Ability to expand into global markets
The ASSEMBLE protocol is a blockchain-based point integration platform. To provide worldwide service, we should address various issues related to exchange rate changes, delayed money transfer times or shipping charges. For example, if we combine reward points between ASSEMBLE YWMobile partner and future global partners of ASSMBLE, we will be obliged to consider things like exchange rates, transfer speeds and commissions. . However, since the asset is issued using standardized blockchain technology, this allows us to solve the problems related to exchange rates and commissions. The Blockchain technology can integrate reward point networks that are connected between different global partners into a single blockchain network, which could also speed up transfer times. In the future not only Korean-based suppliers and consumers, but perhaps worldwide will have the option of becoming ASSEMBLE partners and through the ASSEMBLE Protocol platform, they will be able to ease barriers to expanding into the global market. All the rewarders' collection and transactions will be recorded in the blockchain, which helps prevent any tampering and falsification, This will help build security and reliability.

Assemble tokens are utility tokens used in the assemble platform, and are digital assets whose price is determined by the demand of the token in the market. Assemble tokens can be purchased on the assemble platform or digital asset exchange , and can also be obtained as a reward within the assemble platform.

Assemble token holders can gain additional benefits by purchasing and staking existing assemble tokens. The assemble platform allows additional events and promotions for assemble token holders with point providers or affiliates, and provides various benefits such as product price discounts.

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The assemble point token is a payment method that is actually used within the assemble platform. Consumers can purchase assemble tokens, convert them to assemble point tokens, and use them, and convert assemble point tokens back to assemble tokens. In order to reduce the risk of the assemble token's price volatility and use it as a payment method, the price is fixed at 1 ASP = 1 KRW.

Assemble Token Issuance Plan : The total amount of assemble tokens issued is 1.5 billion. From 1.5 billion assemble tokens, 300 million assemble tokens allocated at 20% will be sold through ICO . When the ICO is over, all unsold tokens will be burned.

The assemble tokens allocated to the team, founders, advisors, and initial investors are locked up by smart contracts and will not circulate during that period. After fundraising, the funds are distributed and operated in the same way as sales and marketing (30%), development (30%), operation and business (20%), and others (20%).

If the target is not achieved, the funding will be adjusted according to the priorities for project development by revising the original allocation plan. The revenue generated from the assemble is used for technical support, promotion, assemble operation and financial management purposes, and will be used in future buyback policies to stabilize the value of the assemble token.

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The basic idea behind the ASSEMBLE Protocol is to provide users with unlimited opportunities to use their points, similar to when they use cash, anywhere in the world without any clue. tie in time and place. And to give points providers and ASSEMBLE partners more opportunities to further expand their business and reach a rich user base.

Assemble aims to create an ethical cycle business ecosystem that benefits both point providers, point consumers and affiliates in which the assembly platform is the participant by providing the platform. Blockchain-based point integration platform for point providers and customers, and connects consumers with purchasing power with affiliate stores.

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