6 📢 Daily Contest #11 : My Favourite Vegetable - Cabbage | Entry by @nabanitad

My greetings and wells wishes to all members and moderators of Steem Healthcare community!


I am happy to participate in the daily contest where I have been given the opportunity to talk about my favourite vegetable.

When I read the clause "favourite vegetable", I immediately thought of "Cabbages". Although, I love eating and shopping vegetables but cabbage is a vegetable that I add in almost all my dishes whether those are included in daily diet or I am making any fast food.

The freshness of each leaf, the crunchiness and flavours it contains makes me love it the most!

Cabbages are very much friendly with any kind of dish. I add them in my chicken clear soup, vegetable curry, stir fried chow mein, soup noodles and even fried cabbages with a little twist of South Asian spices.

This is the second most bought vegetable in my grocery list besides onion. I love it in any dish so much that I mother often scolds me for buying it for inflated price during summer and monsoon. As cabbages are grown in winter season, here in our part of India, these are very expensive during other times of the year except winter.

Here you can see the healthiest recipe I make with cabbage! My favourite Chicken egg drop soup with veggies 😋.


I definitely put a large amount of cabbage in it. Without cabbage, the soup feels dull for me. It adds more flavours to the broath and makes it even better for my taste buds.

Stir fried chow mein is the most unhealthy food I make with Cabbage. The crunch and color it adds to the dish is my favourite.


I stir fry the cabbage with onion on medium heat before adding them to the boiled chow mein. I try to make sure it remains crunchy as well as cooked a little bit.


Health benefits of Cabbage:

  1. Cabbages are filled with antioxidant properties, it helps to reduce inflammation in our body tissues which are directly related to Heart disease, cancer and diabetes, etc. Cabbage also helps to reduce the levela of Oxidized LDL which are linked to artery related diseases.
  2. Cabbages are loaded with fibre which makes your bowel movement easier and helps you with digestion. It also makes you feel full hence, having a food that contains good amount of fibre actually aids your weight loss or fitness goal.
  3. Cabbage comes in package of full of nutrients like Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin C, A, K and more. Our body's minimum daily requirement of these nutrients can be supplied with Cabbbage.
  4. When e eat farmented cabbage, it helps our immune system to fight germs and digest food. In Korean cuisine, Kimchi is an example of such kind of side dish.


I have been to the market recently for my groceries and got a glimpse of my favourite vegetable in a corner.


It's monsoon time, the price goes upto even 40 rupees per Kg which is 0.54 USD per 2.2 pound.

During winter, you can buy every piece of cabbage at the lowest for even 2 rupees which is 0.02 USD per piece of cabbage.

This is a vegetable that you could find in my home for all over the year. My love for it is inevitable. Cabbage can fit into any main or side dish like a real friend.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my post. It's an encouragement for me! It keeps me motivated to contribute more for the community.

If you have time, you can look at my Introduction post in Steem Healthcare and also my general Introduction post.

I would like to invite @kingporos, @bengalfoodie5 and @roxycool1990 to participate in this contest.

Keep Steeming and Stay healthy!

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30.06.2021 20:16

Thank @nabanitad for sharing your favorite vegetable with us, I like cabbage too, it is my salad main ingredient, and I normally used it to make cabbage sauce and it tastes delicious. Continue posting your health contents here

01.07.2021 04:15

I will keep posting in Steem Healthcare. Thanks for your response. ☺️

01.07.2021 05:00