Cleanplanet 8 July 2019

Hello Friends
Good Morning
Hope all are well and enjoying your time in dtube.

Hi! I am Arman. I lives in Rangpur Division of Bangladesh. This filthy spot is a non concerne road and it's side of our town. I'm going to clean this spots pepar, plastic and iron.

Today I am share My 72th cleanplanet post in dtube.

Thanks @dtube and @cleanplanet

Thank you

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Hello !
Well, we want to ask you to make better vlog with better landscape.
We want you to purpose other things with cleanplanet action to the community.
Show us where do you live... purpose us an interesting story... be inventive.
It is always a great action ... but it is boring to see ...
Talk to us... we want to learn more about you and motivations...
See you

08.07.2019 20:15