Cleanplanet 16 July 2019

Hello Friends
Good Morning
Hope all are well and enjoying your time in dtube.

Hi! I am Arman. I lives in Rangpur Division of Bangladesh. This filthy spot is a non concerne road and it's side of our town. I'm going to clean this spots pepar, plastic and iron.

Today I am share My 80th cleanplanet post in dtube.

Thanks @dtube and @cleanplanet

Thank you

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Awesome my friend.
Let's help our planet with any way we can! #DtubeChallenge

16.07.2019 08:07

Great work Arman. I have exam issues so, i can't joining right now. Hope, i will join soon.


16.07.2019 17:51

Thank you very much for your hard work cleaning your part of our beautiful planet @n33, it's awesome.

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16.07.2019 19:18