Poetry - Madness

I feel it crawling on me
Burying my soul inside of itself
I'm choking but I can breathe
What's wrong with me?

Sitting in silence
A million incurable words
Stuffing themselves in my face
All the pain and anger
Is burning in my brain

Visions of Lotus
Laughing at my pain
I see Lotus every day
Telling me to give in
Haunting dreams
That's why I can't sleep

My stomach churns and complains
It's not getting food today
My head pounds with pain
Like a sledge-hammer's blows
Lotus scream at me within
Yet I can't hear a sound
My chest seizes up
As my heart pounds
I can't breath

Floods of memories
Come and go through my head
And I'm drowning
Suffocating in my memory
The pain burns and swirls around my brain
Like raining sand in an hourglass
I'm aging too fast
Feeding my madness
Torn and twisted
Inside I'm ripped apart
My sanity departs

I'm going insane
Crying in the night
To an uncaring sky
My fading mind
A victim of the shadows
That plague my dreams

I want to forget her
But I can't seem to do that
Shadows tell me to love her
So I'll always suffer
Because this is hell
And that's what hell's for

The final straw breaks
As I snap, crackle, and pop
A flaming arrow through my head
Withered and burnt
I'm insane
Yet I remain
Living in my prison
As I die a little more each day

This is my fate
My hell
No escape from this nightmare
I am one of the damned
In perpetual torment and strife
Burning in a flaming ocean of rage
Fearing the reaper's approaching blade
My heart will forever remain fragile and enraged
A fish out of water I am gasping for breath
Yet somehow still drowning in misery

Blood pumping
The reapers are close
Trapped emotion prevents sleep
Pounding blood makes me weep
This is my own personal hell

My love is a flower
But it's in a deep dark hole
Reaching for something so far
That my arms fall off

No flower in sight

I'll keep digging without any doubt
Maybe one day I'll get to that flower
Until then

I'm going to suffer the pain of digging
Into this deep dark hole

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