Official #Steemsilvergold Membership Post - 2nd December 2019

Hello Steem Silver Gold!

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Back After a Hiatus

I am back from my overseas vacation and there appears to be a decent amount to share! :) We have new members to welcome, Santas secreting about, and STEEM ROUNDS are coming in HOT. Let's dive right in.

Steem Rounds

Did you see THIS post by @raybrockman? The Steem Silver Rounds have made it to Alabama! From all reports they look as stunning in person as we all had hoped. I know the logistics of both sorting the orders and getting them into the mail are BIG. Special thanks to Ray for taking on this project for all of us. Word from Ray, the rounds will be in the mail soon. :)

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The 2019 Steem Silver Round!

Secret Santa

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Third time lucky as @welshstacker is organizing SSG's Secret Santa gift exchange for the third year in a row. For more details visit THIS post. I know Welshie is VERY CLOSE to confirming who has who in the exchange. Message him ASAP if you still want to get in on the action. I can tell you from personal experience that having a surprise ounce of silver to unwrap on Christmas is great fun!


We have two new additions to the Steem Silver Gold membership list this week @silvertop and @silver-horde. @silvertop lives in Washington State and is married to SSG member @elizabethbit. He loves hiking, is a moderator for Actifit and even plays the guitar! @silver-horde is relatively new to Steem, but has been active in the Steem Silver Gold discord for about a year! How did he find our discord before Steem? We'll never know. :) @silver-horde is very involved on Numista and is one of their referees as well as an admin for their discord.

Please join me in welcoming these fine gentlemen to the group.

If you would like to join Steem Silver Gold or you would like to nominate a new member, please reference the road map to membership below. Nomination does not guarantee membership. If you nominate someone, please reach out to said individual to discuss this nomination and gauge their interest in joining.

Please make sure nominees have a track record of posting about metals and of building relationships with community members (ie. consistent posting with a track record of posting about silver and/or gold, replying to comments on their posts , commenting on posts of other community members). The friendships we form will be what sustains our group through the growing pains of Steem.

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Member Member Member
sup>@ajain sup>@famcore sup>@owenwat
sup>@anothervoice sup>@fat-elvis sup>@pbock
sup>@armshippie sup>@firecajun9262 sup>@peaceloveliberty
sup>@axeman sup>@fishyculture sup>@phelimint
sup>@battleaxe sup>@flipstar sup>@pit-bullion
sup>@bauloewe sup>@floridastacker sup>@plaid
sup>@bearbear613 sup>@geneeverett sup>@pocketechange
sup>@bearone sup>@generation.easy sup>@raybrockman
sup>@beckieg sup>@goldenarms sup>@rolf.bakker
sup>@bengy sup>@goldkey sup>@rollingthunder
sup>@bi5h0p sup>@goldmatters @ronaldoavelino
sup>@bitcoinman sup>@goldrooster sup>@russellbury
sup>@blackrussian sup>@gomatthew sup>@saffisara
sup>@bluelightbandit sup>@grizzman sup>@sbsparts
sup>@bmj sup>@guiltyparties sup>@senstless
sup>@bowentroyer sup>@handofzara sup>@sevinwilson
sup>@brian.rrr sup>@harleymechanix sup>@shaungerow
sup>@britcoin sup>@hashcash sup>@silverbug
sup>@buggedout sup>@hooiyewlim sup>@silverd510
sup>@bushkill sup>@infidel1258 sup>@silverfortune
sup>@buster544 sup>@ironshield sup>@silver-hammer
sup>@caladan sup>@janusface sup>@silveringots
sup>@clumsysilverdad sup>@jbcoin sup>@silversaver888
sup>@coindevil sup>@jimbobbill sup>@silverstackeruk
sup>@coldsteem sup>@joshuaslane sup>@sk43
sup>@coolbowser sup>@juniusmaltby sup>@smaulgld
sup>@corndogg42 sup>@jznsamuel sup>@solominer
sup>@cryptofuwealth sup>@kanedizzle08 sup>@soyrosa
sup>@cryptokeepr sup>@katrina-ariel sup>@stephen-somers
sup>@cyber.explorer sup>@kerrislravenhill sup>@stnwllstrtgc
sup>@darkmrmystic sup>@khamen sup>@stokjockey
sup>@davedickeyyall sup>@kiwiscanfly sup>@summertooth
sup>@daveks sup>@knowledge-seeker sup>@tbnfl4sun
sup>@dfinney sup>@kp138 sup>@teenagecrypto
sup>@digestingreality sup>@ladybug146 sup>@theb3ar
@dixiesilverminer sup>@mattclarke sup>@thedamus
sup>@djohan sup>@matthewwarn sup>@thekittygirl
sup>@dkid14 sup>@methus sup>@themanwithnoname
sup>@drakos sup>@mikepm74 sup>@thesilverdoll
sup>@dreemsteem sup>@moderndayhippie sup>@tyedyefirepower
sup>@dwingsworld sup>@monsterjamgold sup>@underground
sup>@eaglespirit sup>@mrchef111 sup>@urbanist
sup>@edthecanadian sup>@mr-vulcan sup>@vgholdingsllc
sup>@eveningart sup>@naltedtirt sup>@welshstacker
sup>@elamental sup>@neoxian sup>@willsparks88
sup>@em3 sup>@nomadicsoul sup>@xyzashu
sup>@edxserverus sup>@o07 sup>@yaboyjon
sup>@enginewitty sup>@odracir80 sup>@yankee-statman
sup>@georgemales sup>@dropthatcode sup>@elizabethbit
sup>@silvertop sup>@silver-horde -

Help the community, help yourself!

There are TWO ways to receive community supported votes at Steem Silver Gold. One is via the @myprecious curation trail, the other is via the @ssg-community subscription service (which is also confusingly referred to as Precious the Silver Mermaid). Here is a run down of each:

1. Join the Steem Silver Gold curation trail - HERE

The community curation trail up votes every member of Steem Silver Gold (unless a member requests otherwise). 26 accounts currently follow the trail. You will see the @myprecious vote appear on one of your posts each day after 6 minutes. 26 other votes are tied to that one! Thank you to everyone on the trail.

Members may also choose to delegate to @myprecious. There is no membership requirement to delegate, but it is a selfless way to support the entire community. There are currently 17 delegators to this account. The delegators include: @bauloewe, @thesilverdoll, @ronaldoavelino, @tbnfl4sun, @kerrislravenhill, @ladybug146 @monsterjamgold, @thekittygirl, @enginewitty, @handofzara, @edthecanadian, @fat-elvis, @dfinney, @jznsamuel, @guiltyparties, @xyzashu and @dkid14

2. Join our members only up voting service (aka Precious) - HERE

Precious the Silver Mermaid up voting service (linked to the @ssg-community account) is open to all members of the #steemsilvergold community. She has well over 100k in voting SP and members can receive daily up votes by either delegating SP are donating STEEM on a monthly basis.


If you have questions about the @ssg-community subscription (aka Precious the Silver Mermaid), please reach out to @welshstacker. He can advise you on how to delegate, pay liquid steem or use a combination of the two to reach a subscription tier.

Happy December friends!

~ @dfinney

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Hooray for new members! Welcome.


03.12.2019 04:08

So glad to be among my precious metal friends @summertooth!!!!
I cant wait to share more of the @silvertop stack!!!
I came so close to going to the LCS tonight.....πŸ€—

03.12.2019 06:49

Welcome @silvertop and @silver-horde

Posted using Partiko Android

03.12.2019 04:40

Thanks for adding me to the community. I will make more posts around Christmas. Now I am too busy lol.

03.12.2019 04:58

Hooray @silver-horde welcome my friend!!!πŸ˜€

03.12.2019 06:58

Thank you @kerrislravenhill,so glad to be here with my Silver friends!!πŸ€—

03.12.2019 06:46

I always liked steem....And since I am suffering from Stackitis it's good to get a daily dose of Silver post to ease my suffering LOL!!πŸ€—
Thanks guys for making me feel at home, long before you started to know me!!πŸ˜€

03.12.2019 06:54

Welcome to😘@silvertop......and to @silver-horde in joining SSG Community!

03.12.2019 07:12

I just assumed that @silvertop has been a long-time member since he has engaged us all since last year... my bad!!! Welcome to @silvertop- I think that he is one who has demonstrated a great passion for precious metals and shares our value of supporting each other in this community by active engagement and upvotes!!! What a great addition to SSG!!! πŸ₯°πŸŒΊπŸ€™
Welcome to silver-horde. I have visited his blog every time a post is up from him.

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03.12.2019 16:52