Tevno lake

Tevno Lake is the largest and is one of the highest located Malokamenishki lakes in North Pirin.

t is located below the peaks Momin Dvor and Valyavis Chukar.

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he laklake is sixth-highn Pirin.

evno Lvno Lake is the eighth largest in Pirin. It's area is 60 acres. The lake's depth is meters.


Tevno lake

Below Tevno Lake are a group of smaxplored.

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The Triangle Lake is located just b acres.

centertitude of 2453 m. Its area is 7 acres.




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Park Pirin is one of the most interesting botanical sites in Bulgaria. There are about 1300 species of higher plants found on its territory, which represents more than 30% of all higher plants found on the territory of Bulgaria. ntified.

centerhan 300 species of mosses and algae have been identified.

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In the area around Tevno Lake:


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In the area around the small lakes:

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Water-crowfoot - Ranunculus aquatilis




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Perennial herb of the Debelets family, a Bulgarian endemic spespecies.

centerd in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria and in the Biodiversity Act as a vulnerable species.






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Plenty of herbs, mosses, lichens are located in the area.






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On the eastern shore of the lake is located shelter Tevno Lake that is open year-round.


hank yer_Tevno_eze by!

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Spectacular places on earth! Old rocks! Reminding me of Scotland!

Amazing plants growing so high up!

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