Warning: The story you're about to read is fictitious, apparently it's coined from the inner room of pain and wants. Should such happen to any man in the years to come, this story is considered as a foretell of such event. If a physical confrontation arises about the content of this story, I wouldn't take it likely.



  • Caroline knocks on Prof. Dickson's door *

"Yes, come in."
"Good afternoon sir,"
"Oh, it's you, how can I help you?"

Sir please, help me. This is my second extra year and it's just your course preventing me from being a graduate. I'll be 29 in two days, if I don't pass this course, I'll have to wait for an extra year, possibly miss out on going for NYSC.

Prof. Dickson paused, took a sip of the hot coffee that was served three minutes before Caroline came in. After a few minutes, he shrugged, adjusting his sitting position to stare at her silky transparent top that covered her breast hold.

Hmmm, Caro, I've told you before now, I can only help you if you help me. You can't keep this sweetness to yourself alone. Your mates are doing it and you won't be an exception.

Spare yourself all the stress of school fees, stress, and reading a whole semester for a course you'll fail if you don't give me the milky satisfaction that comes from your moans courtesy the thrust of my royal staff of honor.

"But sir, I'm engaged and you're married." Caroline lurched downwards.

That should be my business, will your husband-to-be write the exam for you. My friend, no one will help you except you help yourself. If you have nothing else to say, you can leave my office, as you can see I'm a very busy man.

"But sir, leave my office now,"

Prof, slammed those words immediately without allowing her to speak. Get out! You small girls of these days, you think I'm one of those your Mr. Biggs or Food Affairs boyfriends. You can't talk your way out. Brought out his handkerchief, wiped his Boy Aliko glasses to continue reading the latest update of Biafra on the Daily Times Newspaper.

A knock on the door. I've told you leave my office. Dr. Nyak walked in while he was speaking.

"Prof the prof, wetyn de provoke you now?" he cackled.

"My brother, is it not that stupid girl that just left here."

You mean Caroline, yes, Caro. She has bluntly refused to give to Caesar what belongs to him. Shhh, Dr Nyak, narrowed his eyes and looked at the door, stood up to confirm if it was locked as the walls have ears.

He came back to his seat to propel the discussion. So you mean, that girl has been giving you headache. Yes, I've failed her twice yet she's still insisting she can't do it because she's with one ignoramus Ikono boy.

What will you do? If you fail her the third time, the department will have to wave the course and you'll still be at loss.

My brother, that's what have been thinking. The rhythmical movement of her buttocks has caused me sleepless night, to imagine she gives that amount of enjoyment to a boy that hasn't paid anything on her head while I'm here with her certificate.

The room was silent for a while.

"You know I've actually approached her, she turned me down respectful." Dr Nyak. I really wish I had her but since she responded in a nice way, I let her go so you can still do the same.

Never, over my dead body. After failing her in succession, you want me let her go, never. That Caroline of a girl is brilliant and she actually passed those two exams. I'm with her degree and I'm her future.

Another knock came through. Who is hell is that?

To be continued...

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