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What is the MVG Network?

The MVG Network is an initiative started by a group of blockchain & cryptocurrency specialists, aiming to invent the first completely decentralised blockchain protocol that will allow investors to participate in financing new enterprises with guaranteed liquidity & minimal risk.

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Development Progress

Phase 1: Initial Token Offering Protocol (ITO Protocol)

The Incentivised Token Protocol, built on the foundations of Token Distribution & Investment Platform (TDIP) Technology, allows new and existing enterprises to easily start crowdfunding without any limitation other than the marketing required to attract investors to research further into their concept.

Investors using the ITO protocol are able to leverage confidence in the proposed concept or idea in exchange for increased control and liquidity of their contribution/investment in comparison to ICOs.

➡️ Development status of the ITO Protocol

☑️ Concept foundations solidified
☑️ Completion of TDIP Technology
🔜 Private release of the ITO Protocol to existing projects
🔜 Release of MVG Invictus, MVG Network's third Incentivised Token Offering (ITO v 3.0)
⚫️ Release of MVG Tenere, ITO v4.0
⚫️ Release of MVG Ultimus ITO v5.0
⚫️ Open-sourcing of the ITO Protocol
⚫️ Completion of the final network ITO Protocol & initiative

Phase 2: Automated & Immutable Monitoring Nodes (aimNodes)

The Automated and Immutable Monitoring Protocol allows anyone to stake MVG by creating decentralised and publicly viewable AIM nodes, which, as the online AIM nodes grow, ensures the complete transparency of any crowdfunding venture that uses the ITO protocol.
The AIM Protocol is currently in development, and will become completely decentralised following the release of network's native blockchain ecosystem, unofficially dubbed the "EBW" ecosystem.

Phase 3: Decentralised Technology Bridge & Infrastructure (EBW Protocol)

The EBW blockchain ecosystem aims to bridge ITO and AIM protocols (following successful development & production testing) with rethought Smart Contract technology, creating a completely scalable, self-governed & consensus-based blockchain ecosystem. More information about the EBW protocol will be released in our first whitepaper release, and will become further detailed as our twice-yearly whitepaper updates are published.

What is the MVG Network Token [MVG]?

The MVG Network Token [MVG] is our ERC-20 Token which acts as the direct confidence indicator & utility to all MVG Network developments. As our project grows, more use-cases for the token will become available. The current primary purpose of the MVG token is to represent crowd-funded capital during our initial ITO releases, as well as demand for our project & its technology.

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