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Hello to all my dearest Steemians.. hope you all are safe healthy and super fine i love you all so today I'm going to share my beautiful moments from my journey or a trip i can say,so it was 2018 December and we were invited for our cousin wedding which was in interior province and all of you know that destinations wedding or village weddings are definitely the wedding was on 19 December and my last paper of college was on 21 December i was crying that How'll i attend the wedding but my brother said we'll attend reception so i was like ok so we missed the wedding but after i came from my last exams we did all our packing and reached Station and let me tell you guys i love trains and i love to travel in trains i prefer trains over airplane so we reached Station and our journey started..




so we reached our destination shikarpur all of our cousins and relatives were there at station for us and we were so overwhelmed
it was almost after 4 years we were out of the town and it was making me so happy because i had no worries as my exams were also ended then we reached our cousins home and all of the people there were so happy to see us and all of us were asking us for breakfast and rest then we did breakfast and one of our cousin book cab for moenjodaro then all of us went for moenjodaro we were awake from 20 hours but it was okay XD then we all departed for moenjodaro the way to moenjodaro was amazing there was so green lush areas and we also visited a tomb there which was anonymous and we also asked people about it
then after this we reached our destination moenjodaro it was so amazing to visit there and people who love historic places and accessories must visit there we also know many things about it when we visited there we took alot of pictures and we experienced almost whole moenjodaro visited museum, saw their accessories, and the things they used and all

then after a long we came back home with so much tiredness and after a dinner we had a great sleep because on the very next day we had to wake up for cousins reception then we all went to sleep and after we woke up there was so much noises and all because all were doing preparations for reception then after getting ready we went there for reception
then my brother left for home on next day because he had some classes and i stayed for more days because i hadn't any work to do so on the next day me and my cousins went for a famous restaurant in Shikarpur called kundan and i drank cappuccino there which was very yummy
then we had only two days left there so we decided to go Kot diji fort which was very historic and many wars were also fought there we also experienced many things there and took alot of clicks


we also enjoyed the other days where we weren't went anywhere late night snacks, bonfire, dance, tea, games, went to farms etc then on the next day me along with my cousin came home...😌
this was one of my bestest moment of life where i experienced this much good things also village wedding was on my bucket list,it was a 8 day tour and every day was worth it I'll never forget these days till my whole life ♥

-Thankyou for reading! ♥

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