Missed flower bud

Friends of steemit lovers of flower photography wherever they are. Waiting for a flower to bloom is something very unpleasant. because waiting is a tedious job. That is the case with me, the ornamental plants in my yard have long been in bloom, but have never bloomed, my various efforts have been made because these people say my flowers are very unique. Because if it's already blooming it means it will bloom for a long time. Because the flowers are not easy to fall out and wither.

Until the time comes these flowers bloom too, with very beautiful colors. The stem where the flower petals are red while the color of the flowers is rather whitish.

For all of Steemit colleagues here are some photos of the beauty of this flower that I captured with the Android Oppo F5 camera to enjoy its beauty.


The flowers are quite beautiful with color variations in the petals, there is a red color in the middle of the flower petals with a stem where the petals are also red.




This flower is actually planted to enjoy the beauty of the leaves, while the flowers include plants that are very difficult to flower. So when the flowers bloom I enjoy to my heart's content, even though the flowers last a long time.

What do you think, is this flower beautiful. Please judge in your opinion respectively. This flower can not stand the humid air, so for watering requires special attention. If there is excess water, the stems can rot, but this is very rare.

Including plants that are easily maintained, because it can be planted in pots, and does not require a large place.

Thanks to friend Steemit who has taken the time to stop by my blog, greetings to success always.

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