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Steemit best of all. The opportunity did not come twice, so make the most of the opportunity. On this occasion I tried to follow the challenges given by @steemitblog "100 DAYS OF STEEM: Day 63 - The 100 Days of Steem - What Should Come Next?". A very interesting challenge to follow. Every individual certainly has a foresight about something better than today.

Someone should have dreams and hopes for the future. Dream or hope in the future is something that triggers to achieve the expected goals. For that, let us build a beautiful dream for our future.


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Dare to dream is a thing that is closely related to the purpose of life in the future. Someone who chases his dream by all means. Of course the way taken is not contrary to the norms and applicable laws.

So what are the hopes for future steemites when the world is in your hands? Of course we hope that Steemit continues to achieve the success desired by the people involved in it by utilizing all the resources that are owned by Steemit which is indeed extraordinary, its capabilities.

Steemit is currently accessed by millions of people all over the world, because it is one of the social media that values ​​every work of steemit lovers. With extraordinary resources spread all over the world, making steemit more victorious. All applications developed in Steemit are the best, everyone can easily access them. Everyone can work and everyone gets an award in accordance with the results of his work.

Experience is the best teacher, so the wise words delivered by our parents when we began to deal with the outside world, based on that, I appealed a little so that in the future the password owned by an account should be a private property that is very private, which is not easy to access by outsiders from Steemit itself. Indeed, we see the number of accounts hacked by hackers who are very skilled in their fields, many accounts have been hacked to be enjoyed by the sweat of people by the person in charge. It is better to encourage account users to be more careful or take a decision by the admin on the activities carried out by accounts that are not responsible.

My hope as a person who has joined Steemit, so that Steemit is more advanced and gave birth to a very good application for its users, this is one of the reasons for adding steemit lovers in the future.


With a word steemit will be beautiful in the future like beautiful roses that are blooming, beauty that makes the world enchanted. Like steemit above the beauty makes anyone will join in steemit and steemit social media number one throughout the world.

Thank you for the opportunity given by the steemit team, hopefully the steemite is getting ahead. Greetings always success for all fellow steemit.

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