100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 60 - Monday Challenge - My Local Health Service

All steemit friends .... On this occasion I tried to follow a challenge from @steemitblog namely: "100 DAYS OF STEEM: Day 60 - Monday Challenge - My Local Health Service". Health is a very important thing in living a life. To ensure the personal and public health of people living in a country, the government facilitates adequate health facilities.

One of the main health facilities held by the government in this case representing the country is PUSKESMAS. This is an institution that serves people at the sub-district level, often called the first service before a patient is referred to the hospital as the next step in health care.



Today I also went to the community health service center in the town of the district where I live. By chance, my nephew took outpatient treatment and took a rest letter.
This is the health service we are aiming for, all the facilities here belong to the government under the district health office.

The health service center building is new, because the building was previously renovated.
The current health standard for the 19th pandemic, applied here is in the form of providing a place to wash hands, control facilities by spraying the body of the visitors and keep a safe distance and other things that are considered necessary when visiting this health facility.

This building is located on the edge of a national road that connects North Sumatra Province with Aceh Province.


To get health services, people must register first, they have to queue according to the queue number they have got. After completing their registration, they will be called by officers to be provided with health services, whether in the form of health checks, referrals or letters of rest, if the patient needs it.


They sit in a place that has been provided in accordance with procedures set by the government, because it is still in the atmosphere of the covid pandemic 19, which is sweeping the world. They sit by keeping their distance from one person to another and certainly do not forget to use a mask.


The atmosphere of the health workers who were resting in the afternoon. Here a lot of health workers in general they just returned from a health center in the countryside which is located some distance from the health service center in the downtown district.

The health services provided are free, so anyone can seek medical treatment by bringing a resident card and family card for those who have not been registered as participants, while for those who have registered they only need to carry a health participant card issued by the government.

For people like me, they can also take advantage of the health facility because they are already registered as civil servants, by simply using the health card that I have, of course we are already registered as a health participant managed by a health insurance managed by the government.

Regarding my village which is involved in handling health, there is a doctor who is placed in the district of Sukabumi, West Java and others in the health center at the district level in one of the districts in Aceh, there is also maintaining a health nurse whose placement is far from where we live. . At present they are doing their duties as they should, and of course there are those who are involved in handling this covid 19 problem, even those outside the province of Aceh, do not go home to visit their parents while on vacation. They continue to work for the good to prevent the spread of the corona virus that is sweeping the world.

The place for public health services is in the city of Dewantara sub-district, Kruenggeukueh, North Aceh, Aceh Province, Indonesia.

Our hope is that this Covid 19 pandemic will pass quickly, so that we can do our activities as usual, for that, let's obey the government's recommendation to keep distance, stay at home, work from home and always maintain health, both by washing hands and taking vitamins for stamina. we become stronger.

Thanks to all the fellow steemit who have visited my blog, greetings always success.

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