Dogemusk: A New Generation of Meme Token That Exposes Centralized Cabals

This is Mutoshi Skamoto, creator of Dogemusk (MUSK).

I created Dogemusk as a direct response to Dogelon, especially for the amount of nepotism it has shown regarding its expedited listings on centralized token tracking websites such as Etherscan, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko.

Dogelon was created last night (04/22/2021), and within 1-2 hours of its listing, the token has been listed on those major tracking websites, which is very unheard of for a new and anonymous project. Other projects have development teams working very hard days and nights, and then the listing application to these token tracking websites takes weeks to fulfill. However, what makes you, Dogelon, so special and so privileged and so connected that you get listed within 1-2 hours?

This in my perspective, is the utmost display of nepotism and exposes a ton of centralized deal-making behind the scenes in a decentralized crypto world we are trying to build.

We are supposed to win by merits, not by shaking hands in the back, yet this is what's happening with centralized token tracking platforms such as Etherscan, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, they will favor a VC-backed project that they know or a project that's built by their friends or a project that's built by someone they want to suck up to for their own personal gains, at that process, many many fantastic projects with hardworking devs get their token listing applications ignored.

Is this a decentralized future we want to see? With 1-3 teams and each team with 3-5 people making decisions for thousands of projects and decide what is good (or more like what is convenient for their own advancement) and what is not? Especially when almost all projects early on only have one-page websites?

I started Dogemusk as a community-building experiment in direct response to Dogelon.

I do not have anyone to call, any VC to suck up to because as a software-oriented person who believes in fair opportunity and equal access, the presales and rounds of venture raising conducted by VCs directly go against building fundamental values for a company with equal access and opportunity for all. (Yes, some of you VCs who dumped 100-200x presale tokens on public token buyers with your ICO, IDO, pre-IDO, or whatever you call them).

I set the token supply to 1000 trillion, with 500 trillion sent to Vitalik Buterin. The other 500 trillion Dogemusk tokens were added to the Uniswap liquidity pool then sent the liquidity V2 tokens to burn address. I have no access to any of the tokens, and I have to get them in an open market on Uniswap like everyone else.

The future of DogeMusk is up to the community. We will not suck up to Etherscan, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko with their promotional packages and their ladder-climbing patronage and nepotism to get listed. We will thrive in decentralized exchanges.

We hope one day there will be a decentralized version of Etherscan, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko with no human team behind them and let the code track the liquidity pairs since day 1 with logo, description, and detailed information about a project uploaded directly and instantly by the token creators. (Uniswap that's something you guys can excel in)

I got into crypto, seeing the philosophical beauty of a peer-to-peer seamless world where decentralized ideas can flourish and around the world can have equal opportunities to build projects. However, in the past decade, I have witnessed some of the most audacious displays of centralized cabal back-door deal makings and maneuvers that may suffocate and kill creativity in the decentralized crypto world.

We can all do better for the decentralized future that we all hope to build. And I will contribute with my effort, start with Dogemusk.

We suck up to no one. We are truly decentralized, unruggable, and here to stay.

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I will have a blog coming out soon on Hive or Medium, stay tuned.

Also please share this on twitter and if you want to build some cool products in Dogemusk ecosystem, also reply here or mention Dogemusk on twitter.

Thank you all, this is the last stand for the decentralized vision that initially attracted me to crypto.

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