Better life| My first diary game | 02/march/2021:100% power up

As you all know, I am hanging out with my dad right now
So I did not sleep all night yesterday and come in the morning only for two hours on morning and after that I have breakfast


After that I went out in hotel to hang out with my dad again in different locations
We went for a walk hang out near the hilly area


I love animals seeing langur here so I took a photo of them to show you


After that I room a lot and went back to hotel with my father in the evening After that I called my mother in the evening and told her the process of my whole day and she’s very happy I did not know when to ours went by volume talk to my mother Operate I ate dinner and then I went to sleep
Thank for reading my daddy game

Thank You




Good Night , Steem On


Post reward are set to "Power Up 100%"

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