Better life| My first diary game | 02/march/2021:100% power up

I think you all know me If you have read t
My yesterday post ,You come to know that I have just written home tomorrow So I woke up at 9 AM and Then I said on the bed and played use for one hour After that, when my mother screamed, I woke up to brush Then I eat toast with tea for breakfast

After breakfast, I had one with my siblings you can see the my pics with fun




After that I went to the market with mummy ji and Mummyji had a lot of work in the market, so she took a lot of time
Then I return home after about three or hour and my mother made chicken chow mein, you can see


Then after that I was not hungry, so I did not eat food and run a mobile for sometime then I went to sleep

It was my whole day process, if you like it, then please tell below

Thank You




Good Night , Steem On


Post reward are set to "Power Up 100%"

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