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The next morning, while watching a promotional video of the planet Neemen in our room, the door was knocked. I got up and opened the door. In front of me stood an alpha with a small screen over his illuminated crown. Alpha pushed me, past me and woke Oliver, who was sleeping like a log on his bed.

Touching his shoulder, “What's your deal?” I asked him.

Alpha looked at me as if he had just been aware of my existence, and on the screen, above his head appeared the caption, “Director Saasa is waiting for you.”

“I would have preferred to be kissed before I awakened,” said Oliver, leaping out of his bed. The crown at the head of the alpha should have been translating what we said into the Neemu language, as the caption “Don't babble and walk” appeared on the screen.

” Unfortunately, you're unaware of the etiquette, " I said.

On the screen of the alpha appeared the text "who the fuck are you, know your place."

”Let's not waste time dealing with him," Oliver said.

We walked out of the room, following alpha, using the helical stairs, went down two floors and reached a large terrace. The alpha went behind us and pushed us, moving us toward the air vehicle.

”Ok, we get it, you want us to get in the air vehicle, " Oliver said nervously.

The devil said, put one punch in the middle of his mouth so he'd be sane.

After alpha got us into the air vehicle, he got behind the wheel, took off and headed north, and we started flying towards the main building of the research center.

By the time we arrived at the research center, our alpha had entirely gone out of his mind and started hitting us in the head when we didn't like our walking speed. Until then, I had endured this unnecessary violence, but my patience also had a limit. I turned and ran across him, smiled, and stung him close and banged into his abdominal cavity. As soon as he received the blow, he fell to the ground and began to writhe in pain. “What happened, alpha master, your color faded,” I said, holding myself difficultly to attack again.

We just left the alpha in the hallway and reached the waiting hall in front of Saasa's room. At the door of the waiting hall, we were greeted by the golden-hearted being Vo. I greeted her by throwing my tongue three times. She clapped her hands with joy and made it clear she liked my greeting and said, “four of us was invited together.”

Oliver smiled and said, "Vo will bring us good luck" and saw the woman sitting in the seat right next to the door. The fourth person to participate in the interview was the forest savage. Oliver lost his mind with her big eyes, curvy body, and fuller breasts. He was watching the forest savage like a rabbit with a headlight in its eye. I put aside the unpleasant feelings that formed in my heart and saluted her. This time, whether it was because I found the right way of communication, or because she didn't have six-legged wolves with her, she responded to my greeting by imitating me. That was the opportunity. I turned to the golden-hearted Vo and asked, “Do you know the language the lady speaks?”

"I tried to talk, but it was a failure,“ Vo replied in a sad voice.

“Our director is waiting for you,” said Saasa's assistant robot, scattering colorful lights. Oliver finally moved out of showcase mannequin mode and twitched towards the open door. We followed Oliver inside, poked at each other like Bremen's harmonicas, looked left and right, and sat in the seats around the meeting table on Saasa's sign.

Saasa sat in the seat at the head of the oval table with a broad smile on her face and said, “this time the news is good.”

“When does the ship that will take us to Earth depart?” I asked.

"Galactic coalition officials will admit humanity to membership if there is an application. At the moment a coalition ship has moved towards the world,” Saasa said.

”Let's see if ours will accept your ship, " Oliver said.

”The necessary permits have been obtained, I don't think there will be any problems, " Saasa said.

“And when will we be able to return home?”

"The spaceship that will carry you to Earth has set off from the nearest coalition base; we expect it to be here tomorrow.”

"You've given me the worlds right now, Saasa. I want to say that I love you very much, and appreciate your commitment to your mission. I'm sorry if I've ever disrespected you. Come on; I'll hug you.” I said.

Not expecting such a reaction from me, Saasa stood up in amazement. So I got up and ran across her and like a primary school student hugging his teacher, I hugged her. When I turned around and sat in my seat, I saw that Saasa's eyes, as well as Vo's, had been dampened.

“I'm not exactly an emotional type, but it came from within,” I told Oliver, who watched me with bewildered looks.

“And what about the third human?" asked Saasa. The miss forest was busy gnawing at her nails, unaware that she was being mentioned.

“Do you think she can learn to talk?”

”I don't think so, but we'll try, " Saasa said.

”I think Oliver would look after her if she returns to earth after learning to talk," I said.

” Of course, I would gladly help, " Oliver said, with his blushed face.

On my way back to earth, I rolled a few glasses of the Neemen's spicy drinks and got high. After I got up and kissed Oliver's head, I asked: "Did the time traveler arrange for mankind to join the coalition?”

”I wish he were here now, you'd kiss him too, " Oliver said.

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