The diary game 13/05/2021

Hello brother and sister on steemit platform. Hope you all are in good health. This is my diary entry for 13/05/2021.


Summarily, I woke up and went for a foot massarge, did my acheivement 3 task, ate, went to carry plank, met a Muslim friend, went to a iron workshop, came home , had a bath, went for a foot massarge , gave time to steem.


I woke up in the morning late today because today was the feaster of the ram so I had less things to worry about since I was not to go to school. I woke up and had my devotion, went for a foot massarge for the dislocation on my feet . When I was back ,I did my acheivement 3 task for 4 to 5 hours while sitting in my room because I needed to understand enough information that I could get about plagiarism. I ate potatoes and bitter leaf soup.
Later I was called by two friends who asked me to come and help in carrying plank. We carried the plank went to give a carpenter to make a puppy cage.





After some minutes pass 1:00, I went and met my Muslim and he told me about the activities that he did around the mosque . We talked for a while and we took pictures and we ate roasted maize.



I later went to an iron workshop to give rods to use in the dogs cage . The iron is too be used in the dogs floor level of the cage when I'm through making the cage at the carpenter workshop.


I came home and had a bath, ate and went out again to massarge my feet. When I was through with the foot massarge I came home and drank warm water and gave some time to steem.
Thanks for reading.

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