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Hello friends, everyone? I greet all friends on STEEMIT.COM with well wishes.
introducing a little about me.
My names are Muluh Penn Derick. I am 22years old, I was born in Northwest Cameroon Bamenda Mankon to be precise. I am a native of the pinyin clan in the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

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I am a holder of the ordinary level certificate. I study history, geography and economics currently, and presently I am preparing for exams in some months time so I can have my Advance level certificate and get into a professional school for Agriculture.

I got to know STEEMIT. COM from my elder cousin and a friend (@saxopedia and @Tiano faith) who joined and latter encouraged me to the STEEMIT Platform. After I asked about Steemit, I was very interested so I volunteered to register with Steemit, because I like to tell about life experiences to other people.

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Apart from school ,I'm a co- worker with social affairs of Bamenda Northwest.With assistance from the government we take care of the needy, we give assistance to the impared person's who find it difficult to make a living, we help some of them to get hand work jobs just to name a few. i do alot of odd jobs to get some allowances for my self and to take care of my family and some of the needs of the house.

I live with four beautiful talented and born again kid sister and one elder sister who is so loving and pretty, smart and God fearing who advices me daily along side my mom who always has my back and makes sure I'm seen like a king and encourages me all the time to be strong and stade fast in life.

I do a little bit of music, I play drums, I'm kinda learning the piano now, i do a little bit of singing as well. I attend alot of concerts, I do instrument practical once in a while and I download many tutorials online to increase my skill in music.
Other jobs that keeps me busy is painting, drawing and a little bit of building. During the holidays I get involved with painting of people's houses, and halls and buildings, I downloaded sketched photos and draw, we go to far and nearby areas to construct buildings. Some of this jobs are not easy as may sound, but we do them to have and income, to be strong, to get to know other skills out there so I think we're ever I get to go out there in the world I won't be found lacking or needing due to many experiences.

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About sports, I do alot of jugging(running). Where I come from, Mondays are free days and we don't have cares and motor bikes moving. Most times I use the day as my day for sport, by 5:30am or 6:30am I and some friends go for sport far away from home in a sport complex to buildup our body muscles. We do activities like football, racing, stretch out and many others. Because of school we cannot continue because we go to school ever day as early as 6:30am and back at 5:00pm except on Sunday were we go to our various churches at 8:00am and back home at 11:00am to go to school and be back by 5:00pm.

That's all from my introduction and my first post, I'm very over joyed for joining the platform and I hope the senior steemit friends will give me more directions on this platform.
Thanks to STEEMIT. COM, for approving my request to join the platform and long live STEEMIT.

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Welcome to steemit @muluhpenn
See u at the top...

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Thank you sir

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Welcome to steemit

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Welcome mbraa and feel free here

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Welcome to steemit

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Great bro let STEEM ON

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you found yourself in the right place
have fun and steemon!

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