Typical chocolate sponge cake from Indonesia


Hi all Steemit friends? How are you tonight? Hopefully everyone is in good health. Who doesn't know sponge cake, I think that in general, everyone knows sponge cake. The cake looks very simple but has a very delicious taste. In Indonesia, this sponge cake is a cake that is much liked by all people in Indonesia, besides it tastes very good, this sponge cake is also sold at a cheap price and can be reached by all people.

Sponge cake is also a cake that is always a dish on special days in Indonesia, such as for example weddings, group prayers and also various other events held by the Indonesian people, of course there is a sponge cake dish. You could say this sponge cake is a special cake for celebrating holidays, especially for people who live in the country of Indonesia. Because this sponge cake besides being cheap, tastes good and is also liked by everyone from small children, adults and even elderly people.

Questions for all friends at Steemit throughout the world, What do you think about this sponge cake? Is this sponge cake the same as the one in your country? Please comment below. This is all I can share in my first post in the Account Booster Community, hopefully it's useful for all of you. Thank you...!

Regards @muklis90

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In Germany, I know some variations of sponge cake. My favorite is a roll with a filling. You can fill it with different creams, like strawberry or lemon. It tastes very delicious 😋.

15.05.2021 16:51

Is it a roll with meat filling? It must be very delicious, because it is different from the cakes in Indonesia.

15.05.2021 16:58