Steeming Community Contest Week #03 | “Dear Steemit” By @muklis90

“Dear Steemit”

Hello Steemit? How are you today? I see that now you have a life filled with a lot of happiness. As time goes by, you can grow so fast that you can even achieve a perfect success than before. Because from day to day I see more and more people joining your life and also supporting you to be even more successful in the future. I think you are very happy now that you have many new friends who have joined your life.


I really hope to you, my dear friend Steemit, I hope you will never forget me at any time even though now you have made a lot of new friends. Because to this day I always need you to accompany me through this bitter life, because ever since I got to know you and made you a friend, my life has been able to change for the better than before and you have also helped a lot in my life and that of my family. I came to this day, so I hope you will always be my best friend even though now you have many new friends that you have met.

My greatest hope for my friend Steemit

I really hope you never leave me in your life, because now only you can be the best friend in my life who is always there to accompany the days that I live are happier. And also you are the best friend who wants to help my life be better than before I knew you. So you can say that now only you are my best friend who is always there and who wants to help to change my life for the better than before. Maybe if without you in my life right now, then the life I live will never change for the better like it is today.

One thing you should know, my dear friend Steemit, this is the heart of my heart that is very sincere that I want to convey to you. Honestly to this day I am very happy after I got to know you, I am very sorry why only now I can get to know you, if only I had known you longer, my life would have been successful like yours. So I beg you, my friend, never to feel bored to be my best friend and always want to guide me until I can achieve success like other friends who have known you for a long time.

Prayers and dreams for my friend Steemit

‌ Honestly, I will always pray for your success, my dear friend Steemit, I hope you will grow and be more successful in the future. And I will also always support your life, because you have helped a lot and also changed my life for the better than before. So my prayer will always accompany you in your every life, because only through prayer I can repay all of your kindness, because apart from prayer, I don't know what I deserve to give my friend Steemit.


Well, this is all I can write about my sincere feelings for you, my dear friend Steemit. I hope you can be happy to receive this sincere letter from me. And hopefully you never forget me and always want to be the best friend in my life and always want to guide my life for the better in the future. Because my dream is that we both can always keep this friendship well forever and also be able to achieve success in the future together.

Thank you very much @fabio2614, as a moderator at the Steemit Community who has organized this contest, so that I can write a letter about my feelings to Steemit. I also invited a number of my friends @ariionata, @iqbal89, @kenjimorro, @rhdyaat and @hendray to participate in this contest, so they can all write letters about how they feel to Steemit...!

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Regards @muklis90

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amazing, thank you for sharing

20.05.2021 15:46

You're welcome sir

21.05.2021 05:28

Steemit isn't going to forget you my friend, even if he gets a million more friends. You only need to know how to stay relevant.

Nice entry!

20.05.2021 22:00

Thank you very much @damzxyno, I hope that Steemit will be my best friend forever

21.05.2021 05:27

wow muklis90 , your post is way better this time... so creative friend🙂, you do have future in steemit.

Your entry to the contest has been approved. Your participation is highly appreciated. I wish you good luck!

21.05.2021 11:24

Thank you very much @fabio2614 , I will continue to learn so that I can become a successful Steemian in the future 😊

21.05.2021 12:38

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25.05.2021 22:59

Thank you very much 😊

26.05.2021 05:27