Betterlife The Dairy Game/Today I Spent All Day With My Cattle/By @muhammadasif482//27/05/2021


Hi Everyone

Hope all my friends are well and enjoying a good life. It is very hot and you will be busy with your work. I am also fine.



Friends, today I have come to my village. It has been a long time since I came to the village. Today I was sitting at home free. I thought I would go to the village and see these animals. So I came to the village again. They have cows and buffaloes. My father mostly takes care of them. Today they are at home, so I have taken care of them. And for them, I have brought fodder to Keith. I love my animals very much. Today I have come to the village especially for them. And I have taken full care of them. Some of your friends will also take care of their livestock. And we will take care of them again. We get milk. Milk is a great blessing of Allah. We make a living by selling milk. We also give thanks to our Lord.

I hope you all liked this post very much. This post was my diary game which I made very hard. You will support my post. Thank you.

Other details

• Used mobile phone camera
• Location depapur city
• Country pakistan


For their remarkable support.
God bless you all.


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Very nice post for animals.i like it cattle.

28.05.2021 07:44