Patience Help You In Real Life

Patience is perhaps the most important virtue. It requires strength and courage to face obstacles, yet it also demands grace for the same. Patience is the skill to survive difficult situations with composure. Patience can involve tolerance of irritation without accepting offense; patience when under pressure, especially when confronted with longer term issues; or forgiveness after wrongs.

One must learn patience in every situation and manifestation. Hinduism teaches that patience is one of the ten virtues. Forgiving and forgetting one's mistake are one of the Ten Commandments.

In the Hindu text, the chastisement of the patient man is one of the Ten Commandments. A patient man does not rejoice in misfortune but groans in patience. The chastisement of a patient man includes abstaining from violence, anger, and avarice. The root of evil is found in pride, and in the Ten Commandments the root of pride is found in the sin of jealousy. Therefore, the patient man fears God and prays constantly to have faith in God.

In the psalm, Allah says: "I will keep him [i.e. patient] of my dear ones." This shows that allah believes in patience, as all people believe in Allah. There is no difference between the psalm and the duaqun, the two texts that articulate the same philosophy.

The meaning of the psalm is "begging for mercy". In the above passage, we saw that a person fearing god loses patience, i.e. "loses his head". The word 'begging' here means "to be still and not to move forward".

The meaning of the duaqun is "begging the Lord for a blessed time". Here, patience is expressed in terms of waiting for an acceptable time. A worthy time could be waiting for a candidate to arrive at the right place after being selected by the Lord. Patience here is expressed as waiting patiently for God's blessings to fall on you. The impatient man does not see that blessings are already falling on him.

For the impatient man, his patience is not yet tested. He is satisfied with his present life. However, the man who wants to move ahead, who wants to develop his talents and abilities, cannot tolerate being in the same boat for long. He must have gone through bitter experiences so that he can tolerate the same in the later stages of his life. The impatient man must learn to be patient for the sake of his friends and relatives.

It was said by the great philosopher, Seneca: "Patience can make everything sweet". Being patient does not mean compromising quality. It simply means you need to have patience for all the right reasons. If you have patience, there is no room for complaint or bitterness. Patience is truly a virtue.

The world is full of men who want to be successful in everything they do but lack the patience to wait for the results. They often complain about their impatience and ask for the patience card. The man who possesses patience is different from those who are not. The difference between a good man and a bad one lies in his ability to focus on what he wants.

Those who are impatient are always running around, searching for opportunities. They keep searching for opportunities that may give them a fortune. They do not realize that patience helps a great deal in this world. If they have patience, they do not even bother to think about the possibility of getting the patience card.

Some people in the world are blessed with rare patience. Such people are rare in their world. There are many men and women in this world who are good in many areas but are poor in one area. This is because they do not possess patience. Patience is an essential quality if you want to make it in this world.

A man with this quality is not likely to let the opportunity pass him by. He will be in front of it and ready to take it when it comes. One needs to possess patience in order to achieve his dreams and desires in life.

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