LGBT COMMUNITY Need To Be Cared And Shared!

Lets Share My Thought On "LGBT":

_In this universe of the Great God human are of thousands type and Colors with Different Heights looks and Gender. At last human are completely different from each other by one way or another. But all the difference in Humans are not chosen by them it is By Birth and by Nature. i.e Male is Male , woman is woman, black is Black that is by birth not by Choice. No human was asked what gender they want to be in this world they are made as they are sent on earth._


✔ As we have accepted a male and Female, why we are not accepting Gay human.

✔In most of the countries gay relationships are legal and acceptable but still people of that country don't accept them and count them as criminals and sinner.

Same Case In My State:

**_I myself living in a country where Homosexuality is a Crime and is illegal everywhere. But fortunately i brought up in a Family where i have the Support of my parents and siblings if i am not in relationship But as a Gay.
The LGBT community suffer everywhere like Jobs Showbiz businesses in every part of life._**



I Have heard that in USA a Homosexual Person Can not donate Blood just Because they think It's a Disease even the world most Developed and civilised People think this way.

I Have only one Question Why This Discrimination?

No Gay men or women is Happy for Being Homosexual But they are Made this way so Accept them Love them and Embrace them as a Human.

We should always know that when someone is facing such problem that is the natural They have no fault in being what they are we should support them in any way of life and we should take care of them and we should motivate them And help them living a great life.

We _"LGBT"_ are Your own People welcome us and make this short life Easy for us too...

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@muhammadadil, We should respect everyone and this way of life is not something they asked for it's natural so we should not descriminate anyone.

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14.09.2019 11:56