First Aid Training Session To Local Police For Muharram Mission!

Hello Dear Steemit Users Today's Blog we are going to share our latest Training updates Which we have done with the police for the Muharram preparation!

Why First Aid training to the police these days?

As every one knows that in muharram every shia culture people are beating and hurting themselve they should need care right away when they get wounded all the wounds would need to get first Aid on the spot other wise they will have get further damage to save them for further disaster they should get treated with the First Aid.

he police department and the local First Aid teams from the different NGO( NON govt Organizations ) are only allowed to the specific area where the shia people are injuring themself and they should get the treatment on the spot for the injuries.

That's why i got the orders from the main team incharge that we need to give the first Aid training to the different police station and we should keep the student task away from a while specially for this month that's why we serve our time to the local police departmen!

really Got inspired when i went to the police station that was the main station and the police whole team was very excited for the training session i like the way they show the interest in the session we have got a powerpoint slide presentation as well and they i practically show them how to take care of the wounds break bones or fractus.


hehe traffic incharge and few constables are also there during the training session i have give the training about the wounds head injury, fractures, heart attack heart pumping, And little more about how to stop the blood with Ice and how to did bandages of different part of the body nds.
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