Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Consider in 2021

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Hello to all cryptoDog friends .I hope you will be fine .Today I am going to talk about top 5 Crytocurrencies to 2021.
First of all we know about cryptocurrencies.
A world is changing in to modern world.Cryptocurrencies are used to do trade on degital by investing your coin .
As world is changed ,the way of trading has also been changed .People have start trade with the use of technology .At the start only 3% people of the do trade in this way .But now in this modern age almost many people are doing the trade on degital .According to new evidence almost 15% people are doing this trade.As the world is changing in to modern we should also understand these Cryptocurrencies.In future if the world start to progress there a time will come when all the trade will be degital trade by investing our coins .There are almost 4000 cryptocurrencies where people invest there coin in degital trade.
So it is necessary for us to learn about this Crytocurrencies.Now I will discuss about Five to crytocurrencies one by one.

1 - Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is considered the top crytocurrencies by the observation of crypto investor.This cryptocurrency launched about 12 years ago.So it is not more the other digital currencies ,there also comes ups and down in its value .
In 2019 one bitcoin sold a little above $10000 but now it is selling about in $ 55000.
So there should be a proper way to get profit .One who work with patience could get proper benefit .As you see that one who bought 1 bitcoin in 2019 and sold in 2020 .You can think that he got a massive profit from only one bitcoin.

2 Ethereum

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The Ethereum is present at the second position in the top five cryptocurrencies.It is less security able and unstable than Bitcoin .So while using this coins do careful about it.This is also vulnerable currency.In 2015 the value of this coins was only 1$ and now its value is almost 1700$ .A man who buy this coins in 2015 can get a huge profit now.


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This is present at third position in the top five currency.litcoin launched about a long time ago but the value of it remained low .About from five years it was provided potential so its value increase now.Its value increase more if it provided by more potential .In this there is almost no risk to lost the coins.


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This is present at forth position at the top five currencies .About this coins only a few people know. But it has a huge potential .A few weeks ago its value is increase upto 1000%.

5-Bitcoin coin

This is also present in top five.
It is the part of original Bitcoin.It is worth upto 500$ but in a few past year it was consistent.

As you know that this cryptocurrencies is used for digital trade or can be used for other work .
As in digital work ,there is a risk to lost your money .There are many ways of fraud .And you cannot find the theft or fraud people .
So be carefull during your investment and first learn about it properly .

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