Big Time Frame RSI 69.1 Power Versus Small Time Frame RSI 61.8 Divergence - Part 2/3 - #1377

A Original Concept!
Using Mostly Original Concepts!

Remember the big picture always trumps the small time frame.

Uniformity and Negative Divergence - #732

"Single RSI Long-Term Lines"

Stock Charts RSI 30 Level & RSI 70 Level Explained

Check out this video on phi or golden mean or 1.618

There is a need to extend major RSI trend lines since they do offer some hidden signals down the road. Here is a good example.

We look at how to draw simple lines on the RSI to determine where the odds of price movement seem to be pointing to.

And don't forget to account to uniform or symmetric RSI support or rejection on any previously important RSI line as per the instrument's own trading history.

"Daily 2-Minute Chart Study #350: The 27 Year Old - Sentiment - Memory Line"


"RSI Divergence 2.0 & Uniformity"

"RSI 50 Level Uniform Support or Rejection "

RSI 50 crossing, sell signals, uniformity, single line, 30.9, 69.1, worst type of negative divergence.

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MemoryLines, #Uniformity, #RSI

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