How to open a discord account and how to promote your post by using discord.

Hello Everyone,
Today I am going to show you an important point. All of us who use steemit post almost every day. But we who are new users can't promote our posts properly. And we don't know how to contact anyone if we encounter any kind of steemit problem. That is why today I am sharing this tutorial with you so that you can easily promote your posts and communicate with the representatives of your country on any issue through discord. Let's get started.

Open a discord account

To open Discord's account we need a gmail account.

First we write Google Discord. Then Google will show us this option. Then we will click on the arrow.


Then we will be taken to this page. Then we will click on login.


You will then be taken to a page where there is an option called Register at the bottom. Then we will all click on that option.


Clicking will take us to a new page. Where you have to enter your Gmail ID, your username, password and date of birth then click on continue option.

After entering everything correctly you will be taken to a new page then you have to click on the cross mark given above without doing anything.


When you are shown such a page. Then you need to understand that your discord account is complete. .

Promote your post by using discord :

In order to promote your post, you first need to collect the discord invitation link of the page on which the post can be promoted. Then after you click the discord invitation link you will be taken to the invitation page.

When you are taken to the invitation page, you have to click on the invitation option to be associated with that page.

Then on the left side of your discord account you will see the page where you have accepted the invitation. Then you have to click on the logo of that page.

After clicking you will be taken to a page on the right side. Below all you will see is an empty cell where you need to share the link to this post that you want to promote.

This way you can promote your post on any page. Hope everybody understands. If anyone still has any kind of problem then be sure to share with me I will try my best to solve your problem. One last thing I want to say is that if there is any mistake in this tutorial, everyone will look at it with forgiveness.


Best Regards

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