The Steemit Crypto Academy Week 5: All About Blockchain Security Lecture by professor @gbenga

All About Blockchain Security | Steemit Crypto Academy | Lesson 5

This is my homework for professor @gbenga, in the fourth week of Crypto Academy. I'm really glad I'm able to do Crypto Academy Week 5 Homework. I will try to complete the regular homework and understand the information given by the professor.


At present we all have a well-known word that is security. We are all becoming more and more dependent on the internet and the virtual world. We are currently employed and we can do everything very easily through the internet. It makes us more dependent on each other just as our time is being saved. We now do everything in our emotions, love, business, transactions through the internet. We all know that where there are advantages there are disadvantages. The most important violence in the age of the Internet is the security system. Without it, we would not be able to do any work properly. Hackers can easily collect all our information and take all our information if the security system is bad. So when we go to work on the Internet, we must first of all take care of security. Today we will discuss some important issues about security through checkposts. I hope everyone will understand.


Dusting Attack

Cryptocurrency is very secure only because of the new technology called blockchain. But the issue arising is its storage. Storing the crypto isn’t an easy task now as the new threat known as dusting attack has been detected. Currently the use of mobile phones is increasing day by day and the use of various social media. Every human information is growing with whom. It contains a lot of important information that is constantly in a state of insecurity. Dusting Attack is a technology that is used to harass you by collecting your information with much more power than your social media will give you security. It's not usually on all types of people. Attacks on cryptocurrencies that contain thousands of dollars of information can usually occur at any time. We all have a wallet especially for those who are working on steem. There is some amount of funds here. There are so many types it's hard to say. One of them is Dusting Attack. If someone has a small amount of funds in his wallet then he can understand it very easily if he removes something from it but if he has a large amount of funds in his wallet then if he removes some amount from it then he will not understand. If a few buckets of water are taken from a sea, it will not be understood that anything has been taken from here. This is the Dusting Attack.


How Can You Avoid Dusting Attacks?

Using an HD Wallet, which creates new addresses each time you transact, makes it harder to trace you. We see it in our steemit wallet. Every time we make a transaction, we are given a different transaction ID by steemit wallet which makes it impossible for us to track it easily. And that's why steemit wallets are so much safer.

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Dusting attack is getting really common and although it can be used for security purpose as well as for malicious purposes. It can be very difficult to identify if a person has fallen victim of dust attack but then, using HD wallet which changes address can be a way of escaping dusting attacks.

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