Achievement 4 by @mrsfurqan Task Applying Markdowns

Asalam O Alaikum
Hello my steem family I'm mrsfurqan
I hope everyone is fine here.
I'm happy to share with you that i had completed my achievement #3
Now I'm going to explain my achievement post #4 applying markdown.

what is basically markdown?
we should know before applying markdown that what is markdown. In a general sense, markdown is used for masterminding, by utilizing markdown one can, without doubt, organize words, add pictures, recordings and accounts, and various things.
It's anything but a way to deal with style text on the web. Presently we look at how to apply markdown.

Markdown headings

Here is the manner by which to markdown headings:

Headings are valuable for a decent piece of composing. Here is the way you markdown headings.

Remember password 1

Remember password 2

Remember password 3

Remember password 4

Remember password 5
Remember password 6

Information 1

Information 2

Information 3

Information 4

Information 5
Information 6

by Adding more # makes the heading smaller.

Markdown For Center Alignment, Right Alignment, And Left Alignment of Text :

TEXT RIGHT I am learning alot from Steemit.

TEXT LEFT I am learning alot from Steemit.

I am learning alot from Steemit

Markdown For Blockquotes :

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
― Louis L’Amour

Markdown for table :

vegetables fruits
Potato Apple
Pease Mango
carrot Banana
Onion Orange

Markdown For adding videos Or Gifs Images :


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Hey @mrsfurqan, this is Aniqa Mashkoor one of the greeter helpers.

You have successfully completed your achievement 4 and now you can head towards completion of achievement 5. Please read and understand it first Achievement 5 : Understanding The Steem Tools

Task Rate: 1

I believe that with completion of this achievement you have learn how to make table and alignment of text and images.

Remember that achievement 5 has 4 tasks and you have to make a separate post for each task. And each task must be posted in Newcomers' Community.**


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Hi, @mrsfurqan,

Your post has been supported by @saxopedia from the Steem Greeter Team.

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