Walking at the park


I must say life activities interest me the most. I love watching people just doing random things. That's I really love to walk to see what's happening with my surroundings. Although sometimes I don't feel like walking because of laziness. I missed it of course but what else to be done when I decided to stay and not do anything. 

When I decided to walk I made sure to capture the people's faces, their activities, and a lot more. Children are what I love to watch having fun. Even you can relate to why I love them. Today I enjoyed watching children playing in the park. 


If you'll notice the park in our town is not the same as the most common parks. There are not many attractions that can attract people to stay. Adults are picky about an ideal place to stay. That's why children are often seen in this park. There's a playground for children after all.

The people in our place seem not afraid of the virus anymore. I thought you noticed that they're not wearing masks most of them. Unlike before we wore a mask all the time and this park became a lonely place. It's understandable since all the people were afraid during the new arrival of the virus. 


Now, it is different and I hope it will be from before. I don't want to see people who are not going outside. They're not just preventing themselves from being happy. They will make themselves unhealthy as well. We all know how bad for us not to be able to go out. Mental illness will suddenly hurt us emotionally. 


Just watching these children having fun felt like a blessing. It's not just helped me to feel lighter but also helped me to smile. It's like I wanted to join but that's not a good idea for sure. lol


So far I had a joyful walk. It's a simple experience but it felt so special.  The worry about my head aching all the time felt relieved. I will be doing it now since it makes me feel healthy. 

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