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Market is one of the important place you need to learn. Especially when you want affordable prices. It's cheaper from the stores that can be found next to your house. Most of the people who are selling in the market are their owned goods. Unlike in the stores, they just bought from the market so of course they will add value from the original price. You can also feel reassure that it's fresh or it's newly harvested.

Now, welcome to the Pazel fish market. This is the popular fish market in Cebu City. Places from the islands located in the province of Cebu will deliver in this place. They'll deliver here because they knew that those fishermen and fish vessels owners. The fish they'll bring will for sure be bought. Also as a customer you can be sure that the fishes here are all fresh.

I'm telling you this is only a fish market because you can't find anything here except for seafoods. Although it's not all the time you can find here different types of seafoods. Like shrimps, crabs, seashells and many more. But this is the best place you need to go if you want to find that kind of foods. You can't find any place if you want to buy inside in the City of Cebu. If you can't find any, maybe no one's delivering the sea foods you want to find.


I'm always being honest to my readers. I don't tell my readers only advantages but also disadvantages as well. Let's say for example about the prices of the environment. I'm going to say it alll so I won't be unfair if they're expecting too much to that place. It will depends now if my readers will still visit this place despite from the fact that they're hearing bad things about this place.

For your information this market has really a bad smell. Bad smell means all of it. The smell of dead fishes, the water that used from washing the fishes and the smell of environment as well. Despite from the fact that you can only find here fresh fish. The environment of this place is bad. The floor of it look's so dirty. It has always water in tje floor that csn make your feet wet. It's okay to be wet from the water but only if it's clean.


As you can see the floor in the hallway you will realise that I'm not lying. The place where the vendors sell their fishes is not that big. If it's not because of quarantine. Many people will be here, summary this place is so crowded. Well, what do you expect it's a market. Many people will come here expecting to buy fresh and cheap price fish.

This market is open in the dawn. If you'll go in this place after 6,maybe you can't buy fish anymore. Many people comes here, another vendors or just to buy to eat. Cebu City is big and most of the people in the province will go here if they want a delicious fish, or the vendors from other neighbourhood to sell the fish they'll buy as well.

But if what you're worrying is that you can't buy fish here. Please don't, just visit this place early in the morning so that for sure you can buy fresh fish here. They will also clean the fish for you if you want to. When you'll be at home, you only need to do is to wash it and ready to cook.

vendors place

Also if you're afraid that the fishes here are dirty. Don't judge right away because they have tables above the ground. Also they always put water into it so it won't look dirty. The only disadvantage here is the bad small from the surrounding. Other than that, it's no more I assure you with that.


Now this is what we bought there. This is a different type of tuna. The weight of it was 1 kg and we paid 150 pesos or 3 USD. We said to the vendor that we will grill it so they cleaned only in the head part. Again don't hesitate in going jere to buy fish if you really want a fresh fish. Like other market you can't be so sure that it's fresh even if the price of the fish is expensive.

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thank you for travelling with me..

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