mythical creature in a tree

I'm not sure who hosted this #treetuesday. I just saw someone's post about treetuesday tag. I think this will be my first participation of it even though it's kind of late.

I love watching and staying in the tree. Not just it shelters me from the heat of the sun but also it gives a calm vibe. Also it gets me wanted to write a post when I'm under on the tree. Some fantasies will playing on my mind. Well, some of these are true but people just ignore to believe it. Maybe they just don't believe it if they don't see it.

Like now, I'm going to share you all with real story. You won't believe it but people in our small village believes on it.

"AGTA on talisay tree"

AGTA is an bisayan word. This is one of the mythical creatures in the Philippines. The description of this creature is a black giant and always smoking a tobacco.

One of my friend's named "Ninoy", nickname. One night Ninoy sat under the talisay tree. This talisay is near at the shore. He stayed there because that time the sun network has no signal to call someone. There's no signal of that network except from the shore.

While he was enjoying in talking through mobile phone. He noticed a smell of tobacco. At first he just ignored it because there was no rumours about this creature here. And also many old people smoke's tobacco. He just thought that some old people was smoking that time.

When the smell of the tobacco gets stronger. He's kind of thinking about bad of it. He thought that "this is something." But when a loud voice coughing continuously. He looked up and when he looked up. He was trembling with fear and start running as fast as he could.

He has a bicycle but because of fear he just ran while pulling the bicycle. There were many people sorounded him that time when he was running with fear. But he said he was shouting yet no one hears him. His mother was worried because when he was on the gate of their house he kept on shouting.

After reclaiming his breathe, he told his mother that he saw an AGTA in the talisay tree. Then his mother shared it with everyone in the village and that story became popular. There is an AGTA in this talisay tree..86io0kx7gd.jpg

It's up to you to believe it or not.

thank you for reading

images are mine
huawei p8

d' dreamboy,

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