La Caridad Farm

La Caridad Farm

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signage of the farm in the entrance

Not far from the town but you can experience total eco village. Where animals, tree's, flower's and any kind of things from nature will help you to relax. Imagine you're exhausted in the town because of hotness of the sun including the vehicles make it hotter.

Now this tourist spot is perfect for you because they'll let visitors stay for the whole day after paying the entrance fee.


As our first step in the farm we saw these duck's near at the small lake. You could tell that the environment is healthy from animals. Green leaves, clean water and tree's everywhere.

hybrid goat

These goat were friendly. The owner will give you some food they'll be eating to make them come to you. Of course you'll be afraid because It's big. I think their height if they won't stand reaches 6ft.

They won't bite by the way. They will only eat the food in your hand. The owner will stay near of them because it's located near in the entrance. When you'll give a glance with them. The owner wilk give you some food so that they will come to you.


Unfortunately I forgot to ask what it's name. I don't like snake because their skin gives me thrill. By the way it won't bite for sure. I even carried it but it's just that it's terrifying to carry it for long. Don't worry someone in the farm will be there for you to assist if you're afraid to touch it or carry it. The people there were hospitable.


They will offer food here and drinks. Of course the price of it will be higher compare to a store. But the place inside is nice. Their restaurant is an old fashioned house.

Let's me show you how it look's like inside.

inside the restaurant

This is an old-fashioned restaurant because as you can see it was made from the old tradition houses in the Philippines. The floor was made from the bamboo tree. The roof was made from nipa hut but of course with plywood under. All of it was wiped with varnished to make it shiny and to avoid soke insects to destroy it.

Now, let's go for a walk around the farm.

duyan (bisayan word)

I don't know how does it call to your country but in my country, Philippines. It is called "duyan", it's good to stay here to relax. It's not hot even though there's no tree to shelter it. It is near in a small lake with water lily of it.

closer look of water lily

Let's continue on showing you the farm.

man-made flower tunnel

Actually it's not that long, maybe 10 metres long. Of course they made it for just an attraction from the visitors.

Have another look from far..

at the back of the tunnel

The tunnel was made from wood but planted with grasses and flower's. Grasses and flower's of course that will grow with longer vines. By the way this part will be shaded with trees so it's not hot.

another duyan to rest

Well, this one look's cool because of the tree's above of it. Also it's near of the shadw house if you have someone wanted to have conversation. You're allowed to go inside of this house.

shade at the back of duyan

This is not house but a shade house. Some visitors stayed here for long because you can stay here for long. No one will approach you that you stayed for long.

Now, this time I will stop talking and shows you what's around. Just images to make you see what's with this farm.

Now, I'll talk nex to this image.

for pictorial. lol

Now let's have some information on how to go in this farm.

First, this farm is located in the town of Sogod, Southern Leyte, Philippines. When you're already at the town. Take a route in going out of the town. Take the right turn like going in the next town.

When you're in the national road. You will a crossing road, if you'll see that sign. Go to that road that going to the mountain. Just go straight, well there's no other road anyway. lol

From the town, you'll reach that crossroads for about 10 minutes. From that road going to the mountain side. You will reach the farm with 15 minutes. Just to let you know that the road their was only concreted half of it. But the sand and stone are hard that you don't need to worry

visitor's can stay

As what I've said people can stay for long. That's why many people stay there tonfeel relax. They'll bring guitars and enjoyed the time being there. You can't bring food because they have restaurant.

Then entrance fee of this farm is just 30 pesos or $0.60 USD per head. They have a parking area inside, four wheels or two wheels vehicle.

If you love nature this place will be perfect for you. I assure you that this place will satisfy you if you want to feel relax.

thank you for reading

images are mine

huawei p8

d' dreamboy,


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