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I took this photo just yesterday. While I was sitting near at the shore. There was a Talisay tree above me, I don't know if you call this a fruit but it does bear fruit. Although this kind of tree is not named fruit because it's not popular. But I knew this is a fruit because we used to eat it when we were just young.

I was sitting there and watching these kid's for long. It intrigued me because they were using a stone to break the fruit. I walked towards them to be near with them. I was intrigued because they seemed enjoying there. They're competing about something. I didn't know what was it they're competing.

I took a closer look with something placed in the coconut shell. While I was watching there I figured out that there was like a peanut inside the fruit of Talisay tree.

This one...

According to the children it tastes like peanut. I was confused so I asked them to give me one. I ate it and trying to figure out how it taste like. And yeah it tasted like peanut but a bit sweeter.

I watched them for long while breaking the fruit of Talisay.

I only knew what to eat this kind of fruit was the skin of it. I don't know if I'm correct but I think they're eating was the seed of the fruit. By breaking the fruit and when it break's in half. There, that food was found in the middle of the fruit.

But if we will just ignore the food and focus on the children. Even in poor state of life that eating this kind of food. We can't ignore that they're expressing a happy faces.

The behind of this photo I saw are the children who are still enjoying in life. Maybe for others, they looks like pathetic. But if we will just focus on their faces. We could tell that life status in life doesn't matter to make someone happy.

It does matter most are the people soround you. Also the life of simplicity will help you to grow bond with other people. You can share time without worrying about money. Their faces gave me an idea that it's okay. Just go out, do what you want to do and have fun.

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Thank you for your entry @mrnightmare89! The kids DO look happy. :-) Good luck in the contest!

14.01.2020 23:35

yeah, they were..thank you

14.01.2020 23:40