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📱NFT, Digital Art. Thirsty Pitcher 🍷|| 10% Benefit for @tron-fan-club.

Thursday, 07 April 2022.

An art can carry the meaning of thousands of words.


📱NFT, Digital Art. Thirsty Pitcher 🍷


My friends of "Tron Fun Club".

How are you all . I hope you are all well by the grace of Almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah, I am also happy with the infinite grace of Almighty Allah.


We already have the opportunity to work with NFT in the "Tron Fun Club" community We are trying to use intelligence in the scope of our work day by day. Recently I have been doing this with pleasure. We are trying to understand Tron better. As part of that, today I will show the digital art of "Thirsty Pitcher " in NFT art. One day I will be able to give something better. NFT of my today's art "Thirsty Pitcher ". I thought before the art started, about the misery and misfortune of the lost "Pitcher ". Now I will show you step by step how to make a "thirsty pitcher". Stay tuned.


Opening the first Infinite Design app, I chose the Two Cycles tool to design from the toolbox.

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul

I started drawing. The drawing is almost finished.

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul

This time I selected the color tool. Which will be used for all colors

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul

By deliberately coloring, this time the legs of the pitcher, the buttons of the court, the look, the eyes were added. With a variety of colors on his head, he has become thirsty, thinking that the sky is the limit as his use in digital time has decreased.

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul

Now by selecting the color tool, the legs, face and imaginary hands of the pitcher are being painted knowingly.

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul

The painting is almost finished.

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul

At the end this output is displayed.

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul
The concept of my art

At one time "earthen jars" were used with great affection. In the summer, people used to keep their heads cool by drinking water from "earthen jugs". In this digital age, the head of the earthen jar itself has become hot. No one caresses him with water anymore. So my attempt to show the "earthen jar" to the next generation thousands of years later. I hope I understand.


I will soon be listing all the digital industries I have created for sale in the NFT market.
Currently, I am focusing on this as NFT demand and TRX market value continue to rise.


Art By @mrnazrul
Device Walton Primo-R6 Max.
Category NFT Digital Art
Art App Infinite design
Location Rangpur, Bangladesh.
Art Time 3.30 Hours.


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